Sunday, February 17, 2013

I miss so many simple stuffs

It's almost the third month of 2013 and what am I doing? I am actually periody right now so I guess I am a bit pensive.Perhaps even nostalgic and down.Anyway, let's pretend I am normal and that I am thinking straight.

Let's see then what this hormonal mermaid is capable of expressing at this stage.

1. I miss reading BIG TIME because I am a becoming more of a TV person. What with the great shows laid before me. I need to shift gear. I am aching to be laid back while having some good reads.

2. I miss the BEACH and I am wishing to have my tan this summer.Oh, please Universe lead me there. I want to swim, frolick and forget about work and all.

3. I miss Dorothy and the times we spent together. I want so much to go to Korea soon. Is there a way I can be there this summer?

4. I miss so many people.

More than anything else I  miss my childhood.

This yogin is acting human and because she is.

Namste! (I have a bug GRIN now:)