Friday, January 27, 2012

Follow up on Papa

As a follow up to my earlier blog, I am wanting to go home now because i just learned that my father is confined in the hospital. He had to be checked because of his frequent complaints of breathing difficulty. I'm kind of disappointed for i dont have any means of going home as early as tomorrow. I have to wait till thursday as it is my scheduled flight.

Anyway, life here should be as normal as possible. There is always enough strength somewhere.The good Lord provides.My yogic life has to be manifested more this time.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Peaceful Sunday

I was totally bored and aimless for the past couple of days. I bet it's because my cycle's waning. Apart from being a bit lazy to teach and at the same annoyed in between sessions, I was totally a hopeless person. I was just glad I still kept a bit of my center.

Because boredom crept in, I decided to do something different on a anticipation of lunar new year. I went to china town and enjoyed a peaceful stroll. Despite my erratic sense of direction, I was glad I was brought perfectly to the place where I wanted to be.

Walking around, I was able to witness the dragon parade. It was actually my first time. I was also able to visit a Buddhist exhibit . I bought some items and had a photo taken with a monk. I felt a sense of relief just by being there.

I bought a few lucky charms. Not that I am very superstitious but it's cool having some souvenirs.

It was a great walk but I also ended up missing my lunch. I was way too hungry to even do anything other than grabbing some bite. It was a long travel going to coffee bean and had spicy tuna linguine and fruit tea. I was full but I had an upset stomach later in the evening.

I was a bit tired and my left sandal was giving up but I had fun. I shifted gear today and I gained good energy. I am awfully thankful.

Have a great lunar new year.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Checking in

The past several days until now have been very full.I am still finishing the second draft of my thesis and I'm wondering how to really come up with a scholarly work. I am entering my PMS state and my good energy is waning. Anyway, there is always hope. Things will surely fall into place in time. Got to sleep now. This woman needs rest.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Full days

The first three days of this week has been very hectic. I have started revising my edited thesis in between my classes. Apart from writing and teaching, I also have to do my chores at home. I have no one to help me with all these so I guess I am becoming more powerful.:)

I am glad I am properly disposed these days. Negative thoughts are less. Though there are times that I succumb to anxieties, I still have managed to full through. I am glad for this.

I hope things will still be alright in the coming days.

I just missed doing yoga at home. I pray for the right time between tomorrow and Friday.

Anyway, I am ready to sleep now. Have a great one too.



Saturday, January 7, 2012


Last night was heavy for me. The urgency to do that stuff was uncontrollable. It was a good chance to cry though and pray harder than usual . That was the first emotional prayer for 2012. I must be grateful.

The longing was tremendous. There was no way to describe it. The night was long but I couldn't get that sleep immediately. There seemed to be a void of some sort. I thought I would get crazy. I wanted to talk and hug someone. I wished to be assured that things are alright. There was no one though. I only remained steadfast that I was talking to a God so invisible but real. It has always been that way.

This morning was a different story. The first day of my practice at the Shala was filled with great vibes. I have missed the likeminds, the breathings, the smiles and everything in that place. I am grateful for today...grateful for the saving grace.