Saturday, August 24, 2013


Like I have no choice but crumble again so I could stand stronger than ever. Depressing weather hit us the whole week. I was all alone at home trying to stay sane despite my worries about the water going up and not anymore having enough food supply. The  mind is so clogged with thoughts. Emotions wavered. Breathed.Sighed. Breathed.

I survive.Still in tact.Fighting, moving ahead. Aja:)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Today, a Sunday

The moon i guess is getting fuller.i could feel my body's lethargic again. Yesterday's practice was intense, not to mention me falling from being assisted by a teacher. I didnt exactly know why and how it happened. All i knew was i heard a loud thug as my head hit the floor. Good thing there was the mat and my fall was low. The teacher was worried bout it... I must say, sometimes life allows us to fall in order to rise.

I was happy being with the yogins after the practice yet i woke up tired today. I had dreams of black snakes twice. One was me being approached by this dreaded crawling animal. I smell something bad. Though i am worried , i am resigning the events that will come along.

The weather is bad today and just like it, i feel gloomy. Whew! Moon day, stormy, .. Ahh universe bless me.


Saturday, August 3, 2013


It!s been awhile. Life has been the usual roller coaster ride. Work .at least my encounter with my students, is still very grace-filled. Outside of this, i must say tiring.

I have given up online students so budget is tight. It wasnt easy saying no to a kid who just wanted to learn. I was just really stressed out.

I needed to let go one of my PhD classes. Time is not on my wasnt easy though. I feel like making my professor grow a year older.

It was a series of letting go's. I still need to live life.

Practice is good,thankfully.