Saturday, July 11, 2015

Weeklong chronicle

Just like that, after spending almost the entire week at home due to suspension of classes, the sun has finally smiled again.It is funny though because it is still raining cats and dogs every now and then.
Anyway, tropical storm Egay and Falcon have left us , hopefully not leaving bad memories to anyone. Life again continues.

Exam is a week from now but lessons aren't even moving forward. There is certainly going to be a lot of adjustments here and there.

I have not practiced for days. My PMS is bad this month. I just want to be laidback. Emotions are intermittent too. LOL. Today, is my first day and I am so grateful.

Just that..just checking in.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

the yogin in me

Entering the second month of the new school year means more paperworks and lesser time to practice , at least on weekdays. This brings me to my second point then. My body. which was used to the everyday routine needs to adjust to short practices or none on weekdays. There are still more to these issues but who am I to complain?

Life continues for me. ...