Wednesday, June 24, 2015

First week high!


So I started working again and I  must say the first week was good but tiring. I was not anymore used to long travels and what was worst was my legs were so painful that I had a hard time walking. It was a tremendous effort for me to get a ride back home and battling with the traffic and the disturbing rain. Despite these I am actually glad I work again. My heart is happy and settled. You know, once you are doing something you love, everything else doesn't really matter much.


Monday, June 8, 2015

Surrender, Let go, Bend and Live Life

It is still retrograding and certainly I am also still going slow and unsteady at times. There are still gaps in communication between and among the people I care about. The thought of making decisions concerning jobs online are still hazy. The episode continues...

Earlier today, I practiced with Sasheen at Joji's place. I was thinking at first I was that tired that I might not even finish the primary series. Lo and behold, with the warmth of the place and the sweat that's flooding my body, I was able to complete my full primary until yoganidrasana. I felt stronger and more flexible. I sensed a deeper grasp of the difficult poses because my breathing was steadier and more stable. 

It was amazing how I could do the drop back more than three times. What was more surprising was I was able to reach almost my ankles all by myself. Of course, I fell on my fourth attempt. I was really grateful. My yogi friends encouraged me to do it again. With Joji's assistance I did it for the last time. It was one of the most surprising feat of my being an ashtangi.

I have so much in store in my heart. I also have my worries about my family. I have my concerns about my job, my life partner, my plans and all but I guess despite all these human struggles, I know how to surrender. I know How to bend and to let go. I believe yoga has taught me that things happen but I need to live life because there is still so much beauty out there.

I am grateful for today. I am thankful that I was given the chance to let go and embrace what is in the NOW. 

I wish you well dear friends. 


Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I need to say that May has been a slow and emotional month for me. I just realized that it is already June 3 but my lifeline is still so filled with confusion and boredom. It is just amazing to know that I am still alright despite the slowing down of almost every aspect of my being.

There are standstills regarding my business or job ventures. Finances are getting lower each time, Family matter is annoying and stressful, I must say. My father is getting weaker each day. My practice this week has been paralyzed due to my weak body joints and colds. I just want to be laidback. I am a pig, as you know.

I only have more than a week of my summer break and University life is opening again. I am not at all looking forward to anything. All I want is to practice and go somewhere  where I am devoid of all the frenzy here and there.

The heat is still on. I am profusely sweating all the time. It annoys me unconsciously. 

Mercury retrograde is going to culminate next week, I just pray things will normalize. 

Despite all these, I am grateful I pass this episode. I wish everyone well and just stay grounded if you can even if it is seemingly hard

Om shanti, shanti