Saturday, September 22, 2012

YOGA (What I am reading online these days)

 I am going back to where it all started.I want to deepen my yoga practice and I am bent to start reading everything there is available. Grateful for the materials on the web.

Come read with me.


"Yoga is a superhuman principle working for a superhuman purpose, through a superhuman medium. We cease to be ordinary persons before this masterly science. When we enter the field of this knowledge of the ultimate science of the mystery of life, we do not enter it as a man or a woman; we do not enter it as a human being at all. We enter it as a principle. We know that there is a great difference between a person and a principle. We are always fond of persons and not principles because we cannot see principles; we see only persons and things. But persons and things do not exist, to tell the truth. It is principles that exist. It is a law that exists. It is an order of things which ultimately is the constituting factor of even things. We are told even today that things do not exist, but only forces exist."

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Random thoughts 9/15

Fifteen days of not writing any entry here seems like eternity for me. There's this lingering block that disabled me to scribble even a single word. A lot has happened since was, in fact a grand roller coaster ride in the real sense of the word.

There was the argument with the director...but issues were settled I believe so. I realize these things.

EGO is a great enemy.Just back off then.Things pass.Just do what needs to be done.To be on top seems lonely.Understand more but never allow anyone to rain on your parade.

CONGRATS dear self for you had at least said your piece.

Family matters still affect me but I learned to keep quiet more specially when there are moments that challenge me to be confrontational. It pays.Nature knows what it is all about.

Im worried about dad and mom.They're  aging but  I am still hoping and praying they'll live good and happy lives and not experience any turmoil, specially from us , children.I guess they worry about us all. It's not  nice.

Yoga practice is getting better. I am loving every moment I have. Life is yoga and yoga is life for me. My journey is still ongoing.

I am getting better.I am a child of the UNIVERSE and I know I am loved.