Friday, November 25, 2011

Just noting

It's my first time to blog using my iPod.I am resting on my favorite mat on the floor on this cozy saturday afternoon. It's the first day of my monthly ordeal and I feel that so much of my energy is flowing out. Lower back pains are bearable but disturbing so I have no choice but rest. The practice today was fine though a bit heavy . I didn't know that my period served me in the middle of my asanas. I was glad I was able to do my full practice with full back bends and drop backs. That was a gift!

Lunch consisted of tuna sandwich and carrot bar with four seasons juice.on my way out, I passed by Sony ericsson display area and I was captivated by it's latest design. I stopped for a moment and requested for the reddish color but they told me it's not, my penchant for red gadgets overwhelmed ne again. Anyway,great songs are playing right now on my favorite fm station. Guess what? I'm feeling so comfy just being in my place but I'm still wishing I was somewhere far..,in the beach alone with my books or with someone who would make my
heart beat again ...Ahhh this weather is just great!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday the 17th of november

Life has been fine with me these past few days in the midst of all the mind boggling thesis writing stuff. I was trying to finish at least my Chapter I but  I ended up groping for good ideas. Because I am mostly confined at home I am faced with chores and students.There is also the TV that constantly invites me to watch good programs. You see, I only have five hours away from teaching each day. I simply dont know sometimes how to apportion this to cater to what I have to do. I cant help but create random thoughts of quitting my work to concentrate on writing but I know it's too impossible. I need to work to fend for myself and to help my family. It is a burden at times to think that I am not really that firee financially. Still, I am positive things will turn out alright.

This morning I had my early practice at the shala. I was at first contemplating whether to go or not a because I felt sluggish. I've got slight colds and my muscles are heavy and tired. In the end, I was brought to my favorite place, the shala. There were only few women there and It was a good chance for me to be more attuned with my poses with my teachers' assistance. I love my morning.

Because it was way too early for the  malls to open, I decided to stay by the poolside of the hotel and relax. I didnt know that the time I spent there gave me bliss. Simply staring at the cool and bright clear water, I managed to forget that there were tasks to do outside my yoga mat. That time I was just chilling....wanting to sleep even.

There are not so pleasant things happening at home but we managed to cope with them. I just realized life is too short to be very concerned of what's not yet there. I guess the future shouldn't be worried too much .What is really important is the NOW. I should not forget this classic lesson in life. in There are  my parents who are aging,my siblings and my work. I have to take things as they come or else I might be caught up with what's still an illusion.

Friday, November 11, 2011

My EWA experience

the Feminists

The Ecclesia of Women in Asia 5 has just culminated and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of it. Almost forty women (feminist) in Asia and the US as well gathered in Kuala Lumpur Malayisa to tackle issues related to women. Specifically, this year's theme was Wired Asia, Toward an Asian Feminist Theology of Human Connectivity. It was my first time to join an international endeavor like this and what made it so special was the fact that I was given the chanc to present my paper to these great women.

Dancing with joy

I was thinking I would be presenting on the second day but It was a surprise knowing I was the first presentor. I was totally panicking few hours before the conference kicked off. As I started delivering my 20-minute presentation, I realized that I was not anymore my usual self. I noticed that in front of
me were women who were totally supportive of me.I saw how interested they were of my paper.
 After my talk and the dialogue with the other participants, I was bombarded with all praises from these same women. They liked my paper because it was something new. They like my presentation as well. I was totally empowered. I never did imagine I would become that confident. I am forever thankful to my mentor for not giving up on me.

with my mentor, Ma'am Agnes

As the conference went on, I have come to realize that new doors have opened up for me.
My heart seemed to explode hearing from my mentor how confident she was of me. I have often wondered where my theology struggles will lead me but after the five day encounter with my fellow feminists, I knew I was on the right track...and i still am.


Thank you everyone.See you again soon.

I was emotional on the last day of the conference. I felt so blessed just being there. More than that,I felt so relieved knowing I have found my support system. Sharon Bong told me she's glad I was able to make it there. I was immensely grateful that I have found my place in this venture. It's good to be safe. It's good to have a home again.

EWA conference