Wednesday, June 27, 2012


While trying to collect my thoughts to do something relevant on my workbreak, England Dan and John Ford Coley's What's Forever For is playing on Jango Music. With the cold temperature inside the office and the not so sunny day outside, I have to say, life is simply revealing so many tiny moments of joy.

What exactly is forever? Is there really such a thing like this?
Thinking of how temporal life is I would say forever is just made of today lived significantly. There is always this inevitable called goodbyes. Believing that tomorrow is not promised to anyone, I am more committed to embrace my today with all my heart.

The glory of living then for me connotes that whatever is laid before me is worth my taking and because I am a teacher, what better way to concretize that glorious moment than giving what i need to give to those entrusted to my care.

I love my classes and I love being in school. There is always that  joy knowing that I have made my life worth living. It is always nice to be back home to my first love.Teaching.

Forever is just made up of todays. With my life offered to the university now, I believe my forever will be a good one.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Being a Vincentian-Adamsonian


I am a Marian-Jesuit educated being and I have been this way ever since until I am given the opportunity to teach in the university that embraces the Vincentian spirituality. I am beginning to embrace the Vincentian-Adamsonian culture and this is exactly a  great journey for me.

What better way to start my journey than having this prayer by heart.

      Dear Lord,

          Teach me the things that are important;
          To be generous with your gifts,
          Compassionate to those who have less,
          Just in the face of unfair circumstances, 
          Trust when the world's values contradict my own,
           Gracious when things don't go my way,
           And magnanimous when they do.

           May nothing else matter
           Except faith  in your goodness. my neighbor's and mine
           Hope things can get better
           And Charity that always sets things right.

          May Your special Love for the Poor,
          The mark of my uniquely Vincentian education,
          Be the work I excel in,
          The standard I constantly refer to,
           And my courage when I meet You someday.

           With Mary our Mother and Saint Vincent de Paul,