Thursday, April 24, 2014

Asanas reflections

I had my practice at the shala today. I honestly felt heavy and lacked focus as i pushed through my asanas. I have been giving in to my cravings of eating too much, particularly rice, since i am experiencing PMS. Lo and behold, i felt heavy on my belly. I was grateful still because i was able to pull through the whole series.

Teacher jon and I had simple breakfast at the Coffeebean and enjoyed our own way of satsang. One thing very significant  that i want to reecho is that in yoga, it really doesn't matter whether you are certified or not because at the end of the day, it is the years of dedicated practice and commitment to the yogic life that will make you a great guru. 

Someday, i wish to be the guru that many students would like to emulate. 

"Practice, practice and all is coming."


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bending but not breaking

Despite life's odds, I wont break.I will simply bend.
So here i am again after being away for awhile. Life has been good, not to mention, challenging the past weeks.
I had to go home to check on my sister as well as my folks during the holy week. I am grateful until now to my brother for giving me the tickets. You know how tight my budget is as i dont have remuneration during summer. 
I am worried, yes, since I know my family is affected by what my sister is going through. I had a conflict with my father because it seemed to me that he's  not doing enough and that he would not even manage to humbly accept points from others. I know I should have been more tolerant as he's old and sick but this is supposed to be a family affair. 

My lovely sister
Anyway, my sister, I know will get over this state of being fixated to someone.. I don't know when or how. But she will. 

I'd like to salute my mom for being so strong. My heart is moved seeing her suffer but not defeated. I want to make her happier. 

I am back in my own abode- alone and humbled. There is the universe that always conspires. In its own space and time, things will be alright. 

with my beautiful mom

                                         My heart is lifted. I am bent but never broken. 


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Painful , tearful

Confronting the self, i am deeply hurt. All my frailties surfaced and it's excruciatingly painful. This is necessary though. There is a thought of giving up. Abandonment is a big thing. This is yoga. The journey within is always endless. 

Help me universe that i may not totally crumble anf if i did, i hope i can still lift myself up. Aum..

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My zen inspired birthday

I turned 43 yesteday. Ahhh, I am grateful always for the age but really it is just a number. The most important query is that whether or not i have done enough for the more than 4 decades in this world.

Anyway,Ii guess that will be expounded in my later episodes. I just want to share that after many considerations, I bravely went on a lone more than 2 hour travel to 88 hot spring, a korean owned hot spring and enjoyed my Zen birthday.  

The entire place was personalized. With all the green and blue around, I forgot at least for awhile my cares about this world. The staff were kind enough to take photos for me. There were few earthlings around so I coul literally say, I had the place all by myself.

Energy enveloped me. There was just so much positivity around. The korean food was heavenly too.
I was alone but I was surrounded with life. I had so much company, you know.  Bliss!

  The eight pools provided Chi'..

One of the pools where I frolicked

The tree of life...chi' abounds

My fave Korean feast