Thursday, May 28, 2015

6 days with Teacher Mo

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Life has been colorful for me this May. Aside from my everyday home practice, I subscribed for a 6-day mysore class with Teacher Mo at Beyond Yoga Libis. It was a great practice with him aside from the fact that the heat actually became my ally as it literally detoxified me.

I felt like a newbie in the shala though I had spent few days having self-practice there. It seemed a bit strange that I was practicing with mostly new set of ashtangis under the tutelage of a new teacher, at least for me. I was grateful that as the days went by, I was feeling more at home with my new space and fellow practitioners.

Generally, my 6 days with the teacher has been fruitful. I love how he made his adjustments on the poses. His presence was very commanding but gentle. One thing I noticed though was his being traditional in his approach. He would instill in us really the right way to do the pose and he would tend to get cute and funny when he reprimands those that defied traditions. I was honestly a bit scared doing other poses in the intermediate series as I was thinking he might give me such a hard time repeating them. Anyway, he was actually nice to me. I loved it when he respected my plea to be gentle doing the deep  backbends because of my scoliosis.

Of course, bakasana was a bit heavy for me as I was being disoriented as to how to do it. I guess that was where I stopped my practice with him. 

Today, I told him it was my last day. I thanked and hugged him because I was/am really very grateful. His energy was contagious and I would certainly miss his big voice while checking on us. 

The six days were really significant because I had the chance to meet other practitioners and shared the energies with them. I would surely miss taking the jeepney going to the shala but I have to move on and bring with me the things I learned from teacher Mo in my daily practice,

Someday, I will have more teachers to practice with but in my heart, I am very grateful that another good teacher has come into my life. Thanks Teacher Mo.


Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Natural Push & Pull of True Awakening: Richard Freeman on Yoga

This is such a very subtle,laidback and unassuming take on how yoga can do a lot of wonders to anyone practicing it regularly. Richard Freeman said it all in a way that I am  in total agreement. Yes, it is only when we love others that will we become happy. I know from my own experience that there is always joy in helping those who need our help. Compassion is eternally something that we can offer to humanity. It is of course not easy but with constant practice of being sensitive to the other people's  plight, I guess one gets to connect. I love the reminder that yoga is all about linking.

We are all connected. Every tiny sensient being is directly connected with us and to us. Respect and acceptance then are important.

Namaste. Thanks for this dear teacher Richard.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Boredom and what it has done to me

It has been days since that poweful moon lit the entire hemisphere and it is still waning, I am still also experiencing my own moonday moments. I am literally bored these past few days. Certainly, this is not the first time I experience this boredom syndrome. Just like any active human being, time always gives me moments when I just wanted to literally STOP!

I practice everyday at home since I don't have any regular teacher on the weekdays. I like the feeling that my room has become my shala again. It is hot indeed so i opt to slice up my practice so as not to experience exhaustion. Room temperature in the morning is already "hellish."

My mind is empty for the most part of the day as I tend to be very conscious of my breathing but believe me---when you are at home for the whole day almost always there will be that tiny demons that will haunt you. And yes! I have mine too. 

I often stop to  think as to  where I am going. I have the dislike of going back to teach at the university. I simply want out and just be that free spirited being who will not be worried about the travel, requirements and expectations of people. I am less interested to teach Theology. 

My mind is filled with the desire of doing yoga more. I want to deepen my practice. I long to go somewhere and get myself taught by a spiritual teacher at least for a month. 

There is also the lingering thought of travelling and putting up my own business. I just have so much in my head.

Then I start to get worked up and bored about my state and it has become a dreadful state. Because of boredom, I also entertain thoughts and acts which are both sexual and sensual. Surprisingly, I am not feeling guilty or some sort. I just really don't like what's going on.

Then my bored self just got a little moment of epiphany today. After a good practice and a few chores at home, I started reading the book which I have bought some months ago. It's Donna Farhi's Yoga Mind, Body and Spirit. I just read her own take on the the the living principles of yoga and I feel like not going to stop. 

The Yamas and Niyamas which are the first among the ten provide me the chance to reflect on where I am in my living the yogic kind of life. I am slowly reminded about what matters to me in life and whether or not my life at the moment is what really makes me happy. My heart and my mind both are hooked because I know I am here at this stage because there is a reason. I need to undergo this journey of purification. 

The Yamas which are the wise characteristics for one to live a free life includes the following precepts:

1. Ahimsa-compassion for all living things
2. Satya- commitment to the truth
3. Asteya- Not stealing
4. Brahmacharya- merging with the One
5. Aparigaha- not grasping

The Niyamas on the other hand are the codes to live Soulfully. In includes:

1. Shaucha-purity
2. Santosha-Contentment
3. Tapas-Burning Enthusiasm
4. Swadhyaya-Self-study
5.Ishvarapranidhana- Celebration of the Spiritual

I am not yet done reading the precepts but one thing I know, I am bent to do a lot of growing up to do. After all, gold is always tested by/through fire.

The boredom that I have at the moment is not a mistake at all. I just need to find that spark once more to live the way  I should. Everything in life is perfected through practice. I am beginning to practice now.

Om shanti, shanti.