Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another gift today

from google images
Hello readers! I have been so tired for the last couple of days that I ended up not writing anything stuffy in here..I guess it started last Saturday evening. The woman thing is here again and I am enjoying my time. I need to stay cool despite the ordeal for I dont want to get overwhelmed by this gift.

I went to practice at the shala today.Traffic was terrible and I thought I would be so late that I ended up taking a taxi somewhere in Galeria.When I arrived, I saw two great women practicing with the teacher.I did my savasana then started my surya namaskar.Margaux was already behind me.I knew she was intently observing my chaturanga dandasana. I was scooping when I heard her scream, "YES! You did it!" I stopped in the middle of the upward dog and looked at her.I smiled and I still couldnt believe I did it.My practice at home was worth it. :)

I was doing alright with the rest of the poses when I suddenly felt the discomfort at my back. My teacher noticed it too.She asked if I had scoliosis and I affirmed it. My pelvic muscles were also beginning to hurt.I told her my period was coming but I just really wanted to stretch.She told me to do some yin poses to relax my nerves.

I didn't do the rest of the poses anymore.I have felt  that my legs were trembling.I had cramps so I did my finishing poses then my savasana.I was told to lift my legs up on the wall. It was more relaxing.

The best thing happned after the practice today. I had a great time conversing with Margaux.It was so natural for us to simply share things not only about yoga but life in general.I guess we talked for an hour.We became very opened and comfortable with each other.It was awesome.

We hugged and gave assurance that we would see each other in the next practices soon.I had found a new friend again.I am very grateful for another like mind.She's very encouraging about my practice.I am more inspired to be a yogin.

I went home bringing with me great memories of my encounter with myself and my teacher.I am happy i have another great person to handle me in time of Jon's absence.

Despite my cycle now, I am still glad that I went to the shala today.The universe must have been preparing me to welcome another great guru.I am blessed as always.


Monday, June 27, 2011

nothing much

There is nothing much to write.yesterday was a tough day for me as I struggled with my body pains.I almost fell from the stairs and I ended up hurting my right arm.I lost balance when I went down because I have had a headache.It's the women thing coming.I  didnt go to church and I spent more time in bed.I also continued writing my fifth story.Up until now it's not yet done.I dont want to think of deadlines.I just want to do what I can.Oh please..I need more wisdom.

I wanted to go to the shala to practice today but my right arm and shoulders were still painful.I decided instead to do surya namaskar.I felt better afterwards.Amy invited me to go to the salon.I went with her and had footspa.It was a nice bonding.We went to mail something at the post office then bought some food and had lunch at pizza hut.We also went inside a thrift store.I ended up buying a white top worth fifty pesos.Indulgence!

My classes were great today.I also had seen The finale of America's Got Talent and the Semi-Finals fo UK's Got to Dance.These shows really amuse me.In between my breaks, I continued with my writing. I hope I would finish this story tomorrow.

I am looking forward to see my family real soon.Im a bit anxious too as I dont know yet how much i willbe getting from my students this Month.I pray for more contentment.May I learn to trust the universe more this time.

I am generally up and about today.I am glad I am not very emotionally bothered by my PMS.I am grateful for whatever transpired on this last Monday of June. Tomorrow's another milestone.I am ready

Im sending hugs and prayers to everyone.Goodnight!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weeklong highlights 3

I was sharing in my previous blog that that it has been profusely raining in Manila and in other parts of the Philippines.Typhoon Falcon has devastated our country.We were constantly praying though that it wont be as damaging as Ondoy.Memories of a tragic storm were haunting me really.My friend Amy had to brave the floody streets just to go to work.Luckily my place wasnt that affected so she came and changed for work.It was a brave decision for her to still go. :)

Abelle, my yoga mate texted me earlier yesterday morning asking me if there would be a class.It was still raining hard and i really didnt feel like going out.I texted Jon for confirmation. He said there's class so  I decided then to attend.There was just some positive energy in me that's left. I arrived earlier at the place because I was nearing my biggest ordeal my low mood seemed to enslave me.I didnt want to go up.I just wanted to shy away.Tsk.tsk.Fortunately my will to practice was much stronger than my hormonal imbalance.So I went up and talked to another yogin who had just finished her mysore.

It was nice to converse with her.Jon went out of the shala and he told me i might be alone today.That was a joke actually.I was amused at the thought that I might really be alone practicing with him, Thankfully Angel and Jiah arrived.Then there was also another woman.We were four women practicing with Jon.

The practice was great again.I had less difficulty doing my my binds.I felt that my body was way too flexible.I was feeling alrigh despite my huge sweating.In the middle of the asanas, I had labored breathing.Ahhh, I was tired. I fought with my body's hormonal imbalance. I won but while doing savasana, I was coughing.I felt weak.I just breathed and I was relaxed again.

We went out together with Jon because Yoga Manila Ortigas had a send off lunch for him.He was so playful while we were on our way.I was very glad when he's like that. Laughters were all around us.Jiah and Angel had a great time too, I knew it.As for  me, It wasnt my first time.I had always great conversations with him.

We arrived at Kebab's Factory, an Indian vegetarian resto.The other yoginis were already there.It was nice seeing the other teachers.Conversation with great women was HEAVEN for me.Of course, there were a few whom i still felt uncomfortable with.I guess it's normal.Lunch was all vegetarian variety.The little serving of everything made me so full.Jon was very happy obviously. I held his hand and just paid attention to him.Things will change BIG TIME when I will no longer have a glimpse of him at the shala.I guess every yogin that day had stories to tell about Jon.AS for me....He is a special teacher and I know he knows that.

We bought Jon's send off gift at GAP then Angel had to go for she's Thailand bound that night.Jiah and I went to watch a movie after having coffee at Starbucks, Galeria. Forever and A day is a filipino film which starred Kc Concepcion and sam Milby. I must say, they did justice to their roles.

It was a great friendship.I am blessed again.

I went home and felt that my head's gonna burt with pain.I felt so heavy and sleepy at the same time.I taught Carrie but had to reschedule ricky's class.I needed to be in bed.I watched Pilipinas Got Talent Grand finals.I was a bit relaxed watching the awesome perfomances.Still, my body's beginning to get tired.

When I woke up today, I had stiff neck.My whole body's stiff too.I am sporting a cold again.I had to cancel my classes.I had a simple breakfast then stayed in bed.I didnt feel like going out.I didnt hear mass obviously.

I tried to do some chores to stretch my muscles.Then a thought about my old laptop came. I turned it on...and it worked.WHEW! I was planning to buy a new monitor for it but there's no need. I am thinking of giving it to my family when they will come visit me soon.EXCITED!

Right now, I am listening to some great songs on my CD.I still feel tired.My period will be coming soon.My body is telling me it needs rest and attention.So i will hear it out.

Ill try writing my third story today.I only have few months left. There will be no photos today in my blog.
Have a great Sunday readers.Rest well too.


Thursday, June 23, 2011


It has been raining continuously for two days now.A lot of places are now flooded.My friend Amy is not an exemption.She wasnt able to go to work last night because she could not pass through.The entire village is riverlike.I am fortunate to stay in a somewhat elevated area.Still, I worry a lot because anything can happen with this kind of weather.Almost two years ago, I was part of a tragic history.I am praying it wont happen again.

I have also stayed in the house practically for days now.I am very busy with teaching and writing my stories for my cases.Because it's cold, I am so tempted to just linger in bed that I ended up dilly dallying my writing stuff.I need to remind myself though that if I wanted to join the upcoming conference, then by all means I have to compose myself. PRESSURE??!!

Finally today, I went out to have my pedicure.It's still raining BIG TIME but I need to grab something to eat.I had a blast chatting with the people at the salon.I went to buy my food aftrewards. Now, i am here in front of my laptop trying to write. Actually, my mind is still wandering off.I want to start my third story now but inside my head I'm thinkg of taking a nap. I am eating my favorite snack now.How about writing later?

Ahhh, I cant resist it anymore.I need to stay in bed. It is still raining on and on....Will it be raining still tomorrow? I hope not anymore.

Be safe everyone.Hang on!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My practice today


yoga excercising chaturanga dandasana
a girl doing chaturanga dandasa, taken from

My practice at the shala today was a bit clumsy.I know that I am not supposed to judge but for the sake of my writing here , allow me to.

Upon entering the studio, there were already other women practicing with the teacher.I had to stay in front since I could not find any other spot.I started my practice with my savasana as usual then did my surya namaskar.My teacher was busy attending to the other students. I was a bit conscious doing my vinyasa because I knew i wasnt doing the most exact thing.Teacher assisted me and showed me how to do it.I was a bit clumsy doing what I was told to do.I was totally distracted.Anyway, I went on with my practice, paying close attention to what I was supposed to correct.I did the entire sequence, as far as I could remember.I wanted to practice the headstand thing but my teacher was very busy attending to a new student so I decided to end my asanas. I wasnt really satisfied with what i did.Now, I am putting pressure to myself.I guess I am defying yoga principle..Letting go.

My teacher talked to me afterwards.I was grateful she took the time to sit down and gave her feedbacks.She told me I was very flexible and that my only issue was to really work on my Chaturanga Dandasana.I need to really strengthen my arms and legs.I was challenged with what she said and she promised that we would be working on this concern on my next practice.

I went home still thinking about what transpired today. I wanted so much to be stronger physically.I tried doing the exact thing on the mat again.I was sweating but my pose was still awkward.I read again the book given by Jon.I saw how he did it.I guess it will take me a while to do it. Still, I wont give up.

Why do i feel so challenged today?Why do i seem to be worried about not making the right thing? I honestly know the answer my friends.I am entering my crucial week again. I need to breathe more or else I'll be consumed by the cycle. God bless me!

Yoga is about union Yoga is about letting go and letting be.Yoga is about being PRESENT!.Now, where am I? hmmm,

Time to teach now.May the universe bring me closer to bliss today..even.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yes, I need stronger arms and legs

It's a rainy Monday morning and I was at the shala as early as eight o'clock.It was my first time to attend a MY SORE class.It was also my first time to meet Margaux, my very pretty guru.I had a blast doing the poses starting off with my savasana.It was lovely executing the routine without pressure.I loved how my teacher watched over me and the other women. She would be there to the rescue whenever she saw that there were some adjustments to be done.It was funny though because I missed 2 routines.Anyway, I would make up to it next time.I was able to do the binds with the aid of my teacher, of course.She told me  I  had great backbends.I just had to practice how to get up from my hip.

Today was my first time to do the headstand too.I almost made it with Margaux's help but I seemed to fall easily.Teacher told me I needed to do adjustments to my vinyasa  so I would achieve stronger arms and legs.They're very necessary to make my headstand and all balance poses perfect.I know from the very start that I've got weak muscles but I am getting more firm each time.Thanks to yoga

I ended up the practice with another savasana.It was still raining outside when I went out.I was glad I made a difference today.I am doing yoga basically on a different class...a Mysore Class.I will surely become stronger soon.

I made some hitches today but I was taught in yoga that there should be NO JUDGEMENT so I am embracing all that transpired today.I'm glad I made it to the shala on a stormy Monday.


Saturday, June 18, 2011


I have lived a very independent life for a while now.I have done things on my own. This means that I have made right and wrong decisions and I put all the blame on me for whatever messy consequences I am getting from these choices. I have made myself into the person I want to be..all because of me but wait...

I wouldnt have been here without the guidance of two very important people who are given to me as  my caretakers as I journey through this LIFE.These people are very imperfect ones, just like anybody else.Despite their flaws, they have managed to bring me and my siblings up, in good and bad times.MY MOM and MY DAD are the very first persons who happened to deal patiently with my all.

I have grown feeling that I am closer to my dad than to my mom.Since mom is more of a domisticated kind of woman, it is always dad who would take time to spend hours with me and my siblings telling all those humorous stories taken from I know not where sources.There is always laughter in the house.There are always good lectures from different areas each time.Dad is always the great storyteller.He always exudes that passion.I have taken mine after him.

He is a great teacher.There is no question about that.I admire his work ethics and his principles in life.He does not bend to a crooked system.He fights for it.He says his piece even if everybody will hate him after.He knows what's right and does it...It took him a while to quit smoking though.

I find strength in him.His passion for music is overwhelming,Music actually is what makes our family harmonize. This serves is our link.I have missed the days when all we could do was just sing.

Today I would like to honor this great man.I am living an independent life ..YES, but i wouldnt have been here without my dad's strength.His own way of expressing his affection for us is very touching.

Thank you Papa for everything.For the wisdom behind all the things you've shown us.I wish you more of life's blessings. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Fun Saturday

I was thirty minutes early coming to the Chi Spa today.I stayed at the comfort room and got myself ready.I had a great time meeting and chatting with a few great women who attended the 9 am session.I really hoped I could join that class but due to my commitments with my students I really had to forego attending.I do want to venture into the MYSORE thing.I am contemplating on joining this Monday.May the force be with me!

The practice was great as usual.I was sweating tons again.I was glad Jiah was there.She's  a great  woman.There were I guess 8 of us in the class today.As usual, I had some chit chat with Jon and Jiah.If only times like that last.We could only create  good memories with our teacher as he will eventually be leaving us.It is always nice to share laughters after the practice.The shala has been an avenue for me to be myself always.

Jiah and I had a great time conversing continuously until lunch time at Maxx's, Shangrila.It was my first time to open up something that concerned two individuals.I was glad she had such a good heart to spend time with me.The only downside  of that lunch was me having chicken.Now, my belly's starting to agonize.May the Universe forgive me for giving in to temptation. (:

with Jiah
I was late from my movie date with Amy and Donn.Thankfully, they already purchased my ticket.It was just fortunate that I only missed a few scenes.It was  a a great flick.

with Amy and the Green Lantern casts
It was raining when we went  out.We were supposed to go to the market to buy our food but we ended up going home immediately.I had a great time today.I felt sleepy though but my heart's very happy.

Tomorrow's Father's Day.Have a happy one dear fathers specially to my papa.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whew!What a DAY!

I went to school today to get some materials for my theological paper.I was faced with the heavy flow of traffic and I also wasnt happy about the heat. It was still like nine in the morning but i was sweating profusely.Anyway, Upon arriving,I immediately spoke with the library staff. It was also nice having chatted with my professor,Father Lode.I only had a glimpse of the  thesis on women since I couldnt find the suggested references.I went to the kitchen and had lunch.I had a great time chilling with the cook. We were reminiscing my memories of being a student in this school.I have missed my friends.Where can  they be now?I was literally narrating some bloopers that happened in the classrooms.It was nice to laugh at the silliest incidents I had. Nothing beats being a goofy.

After lunch I went to check some materials at FULLY BOOKED.I wanted to stay for a while in the reading area but I needed to buy some food and rest. I was beginning to feel tired.The heat was biting.I took the ride home but decided to pass by a  nearby mall.I felt sick due to the heat.I went shopping a bit and bought a 3 dollar ZARA shirt at a SALE SHOP.

from ZARA

I wasnt well upon arriving home.I was having cold sweat despite the heat and I had a heavy stomach.I thought drinking water was the best thing to do but I had the greatest attack this week.I didnt know what's happening.My stomach was so heavy that I could not breathe.There's just this excruciating pain tha's killing me inside.I had to lie down.I was panting and I couldnt even burp.I was praying.I was desperate.I really didnt know what to do.It was the first time i felt that.Thankfully I was a bit alright after few minutes.I am still sweating now but I am alright.I took some medicine.I remember Dorothy gave me a bottle of this herbal medicine for stomach pains.

My Korean Aloe Cens
I really dont know what's up with my belly.I know i really have an issue.I remember I ate a simple lunch but there was a bigger serving of rice.I also remember I ate my favorite snacks..(Nagaraya)

I need to remind myself again that I cant eat more than my stomach allows.I just really don't know what is enough.I am not a big eater.Today's incident was serious for me.I thought of my mom and my family.I was worried i might have fainted and no one would know.I'm glad I have faith.I am grateful HE heard my prayers. He saved me.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Let's Create Memories

I was playing Kenny Rankin again today after not having been able to do so for the longest time.This guy has been one of my favorites and It brought me nostalgia hearing What Matters Most from his tracks. As i've mentioned in my previous entry, it has always been my letting go song for the longest time.

A friend is still grieving after having lost her husband.There is nothing much I can do to comfort her.I can only send her energies for healing.Losing someone in whatever form is too painful to bear.I guess after her grief, she'll come to terms with her mortality too and will appreciate more the memories she had shared with her beloved.Right now, she needs to pass this stage.I have been there, done that.

Each day is an opportunity to share moments with someone.It doesnt really matter with whom.Today, I have my students to talk too.I am doing my very best to give them the full attention.I might not have them tomorrow. I have always chills everytime I think of people leaving.Goodbye is not an easy thing.In the greatest scheme of things however, there are great memories in the heart that will keep the one gone alive forever.

I have many dear ones who went away.I have already grieved over the losses.I have become a better and stronger person after each passing.I have realized the value of each moment that's why I am giving my best shot to life.

There is pain in losing someone yet there is also a promise of hope that one day, the pain will become joy because that someone who left us is actually just inside of our hearts.

Let's create great memories then..I DO!


It's a moon day today and I am so glad because the universe has given me the gift of peace both in body and mind.It's ironic though because for the past few moon day cycles I was the usual lethargic self all through out the day but today is a differenr one.I woke up a bit heavy though but it was just for a few minutes.Perhaps the practice last night helped. I had stiff neck too since yesterday but LO and behold, I am up and about now.I had few breathing practices this morning on the mat.I also tried doing preliminaries for the headstand but I had to stop because I fell on my few attempts.I need a guru to lead time.

my tuna pansit with baguio beans

Someone screened my windows so I was a bit busy doing few errands for him.I have also cooked my simple pansit with tuna and baguio beans  for breakfast. I didnt have much food stored in the house so I cooked whatever ingredients were at hand.It was a great meal though.

Kenny Rankin was also playing on my computer.I was a bit nostalgic when I heard What Matter Most because for the longest time, this has been my favorite letting go song.This would be my song again as I am going to be saying farewell soon to someone.Ahhh, life.

Anyway, it's a different moon day this time.My energy is so steady.I hope this lasts till my period comes out.I like the wind too.It's cool.It's such a lovely day.Im grateful for today, my LORD!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Behold! How majestic is YOUR CREATION.

As I opened my window this morning, I was awed by the majestic beauty the Universe has allowed me to see.I felt like a child again wondering what lies behind those clouds up there.I couldnt help but utter my prayer of praise and thanksgiving for the miracle of life I have today and for allowing me to witness something like this...


This made my day!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weeklong highlights 2

my chair
The tropical depression Dodong has confined me in the comforts of my home eating only fruits most of the time.Of course, it's a great diet but the thought of not having food in the house when there's a storm scared me too.Thankfully, on the fourth day the sun was generous  enough to smile at me.I went out and had my pedicure then bought my computer chair (my fourth one), hang out with the store crew for a while then had grocery shopping.

I had two great yoga practices at home too.Classes online were amazing.I was also able to transcribe two interviews and hopefully will have one before Monday.My body's a bit sore and I was sporting a cold but I got by.

The practice at the shala today was also awesome.Jon was the teacher again.It was my first time to see him with his short hair.Upon entering the place, we smiled at each other and I could not help but touch his hair.It was nice being candid to him like that. After the practice, Nature and I kept hugging each other like crazy.I love this woman guru.She's just very sweet to me.We were teasing Jon as he will be leaving for Finland soon.The three of us had a great conversation and I must say, I am really very happy I have found these beautiful souls.SIGH! Jon would be gone. He told me we still have some time together.I'm looking forward for the three of us to go out.

At the washroom/spa room, I was able to chat with 3 great women too.Ahhh, the energy after the practice was just great.

I dislike to write this but I have to.Today too, I decided not to spend time with two people I thought were my friends.It might be wrong but I had no choice.I guess I was not ready to confront nor talk to them after what they did.I hate to say this but when a relationship/friendship seems abusive I really dont hesitate to leave.I didnt want to hurt more .So i remained SILENT!.May the universe bring healing to whatever ill feelings I've got.OM.

Talking to mom on the phone was cool.I've learned that my brother's home.SIGH! again.Anyway, I am looking forward to have them with me soon in my own space.Lunch at the Pancake House was perfect.Fiesta Taco salad and Martini cinnamon Toast just made my day.

Taco Veggie Salad

the dressing

Cinnamon toast
I went home a bit tired but fulfilled.I was supposed to transcribe again but my body just wanted to rest so I stayed on the mat and watched TV then took a nap.

Tomorrow's the commemoration of our FREEDOM.It's a great reminder for all of us Filipinos to be grateful to the lineage of heroes who shed blood and tears for us to be FREE.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fun Classes Today

I had great classes today.I laughed a lot again. (thanks to the cool weather) There were just a lot of cute things that happened online and I was amused.(in fact I am still amused now)

anne's erasers

Anne was cute when she was showing me her 25 pieces of erasers.She kept on counting till she got tired.She's the usual bubbly kid.There was no pressure on her part to speak the English language.I was so happy seeing her enjoy her classes today.In fact it wasnt an ordinary ESL class.It was simply a conversation and i bet she's learned better that way.The eraser thing was really hilarious.I could not believe she's got a lot of these erasers in the house.

Nina and John showed me their cute dogs.They were so sweet that I ended up talking to their pets too.My dear Nina has just gotten back to studying with me.I was so glad she was very good today.John's pretty cool too.I couldnt stop laughing because this smart boy could really be so funny.

the cute dog

Jennifer on the other hand was still weak.It's the second day that she's tired.Despite her condition she still opted to use the book and while having lessons, we couldnt stop laughing because there's always humor around.Before the class ended, I could see that's she's better.

Betty as usual was the busy bee.She was multitasking again.While talking to me, she was also doing her cards.Her hobby, she said.Then she was eating spicy noodles and I was like ...OMG! I wanted to eat that too.There was singing that happened too.I love our class as always.


There were other great students today but Anne, Nina, John, Jennifer and Betty stood out because I really had a great time.There was merriment all over the place.I just wish I could see them for real soon.

The day was cool.It has been raining for two days.Thankfully. despite the limitations of this soul, I was still given the opportunity to teach and to learn at the same time.My students no matter how far they are at the moment are always the reasons why I get up each time.They give me the reason to keep going.



I am grateful for today.More than anything else, this self is just happy for the gift of teaching.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Korea's Got Talent - Sung-Bong Choi - An Inspiration

An early morning goosebumps for me. His story isnt something new but there is something in him that touches my heart.His will to survive to follow his passion.His voice speaks of something which words could not exactly express.His innocence and strength are his weapons to live.Watch it for yourself.I had huge tears while watching.I wish he would be happier soon.He is a gift to korea...and to the whole world as well.

Water for Elephants

photo form google images

It's my first time to read a Sarah Gruen's novel.I love the fact that she was able to bring me to the great world of circus which I havent really been into during my younger days.Giving vivid descriptions of the menagerie and the distinct relationship between that elephant Rosie and the main characters was superb.It was painful for me to know that each character has to undergo episodes that were equally heatbreaking.The story of love and passion between Jacob and Marlena and the overwhelming devotion of  the schizophrenic August towards Marlena were no extraordinary stories.Each of us has been into their shoes.In the end, things are alright and fate leads us to where we are supposed to be.

One needs a strong spirit to overcome any circumstance.Jacob has depicted that.He survived despite everything  unpleasant has happened to him.The purity of his heart reminded me of my once pure and innocent love towards someone who shared the same purity and innocence with me.I wonder whether ours would have a great ending too.

Old age may limit one from doing the usual stuff but it should not be something that would paralyze him from still dreaming and hoping of a brighter least for a limited time.Jacob's strength allowed him to be free from the confines of that hospital.He did not allow his state to control him.He was in the end FREED and enjoyed what he loved most..The circus.

It was a story of hope, triumph, friendship and love.It's my story.It's everybody's story.

"Sara Gruen mines fertile territory in Water for Elephants: the chronic miseries of advancing old age and the terrible years of the Great Depression, when people wandered the country in search of work, their homes and failed business left behind.
As the novel begins, Jacob Jankowski is an old man in an assisted living home, his memories sparked by a nearby visiting circus and a creeping helplessness that assaults his aging body: “Age is a terrible thief. Just when you think you’re getting the hang of it, it knocks your legs out from under you and stoops your back.”
As he falls into fitful dreams, the past emerges. Stripped of everything after his parents’ untimely death, the twenty-three-year-old fails to sit for his veterinary exams at Cornell, grief-stricken and robbed of home and future, the country bartering in goods instead of money.
Hopping a circus train in the dead of night that by belongs to The Flying Squadron of the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth, Jacob hires on to care for the show’s menagerie, his advanced training in veterinary medicine a ticket into this bizarre world. Uncle Al, Benzini Brothers circus owner-by-default, is a ruthless businessman who cares only for his reputation, engaged in a quest for fame to rival the great Ringling Brothers.
Star performer Marlena, an equestrienne, adores her animals and is quick to notice Jacob but circumspect in her actions. Her mercurial husband, the trainer August, is obsessively jealous and given to unspeakable cruelties toward man and beast. Jacob does his best to protect the animals from their harsh existence, especially Rosie, an elephant purchased to replace Marlena’s lead horse.
Jacob is increasingly attached to Rosie, empathizing with her plight at August’s hands and helpless to change the situation. Because of his growing affection for Marlena, Jacob suffers August’s increasing affronts, caught in a cycle of inevitable violence, certain of a reckoning.
Related in the somber tones of the Depression, the novel addresses the hardscrabble and often unscrupulous practices of a traveling circus, the rowdy carnie atmosphere and the antiseptic corridors of the assisted living home, all viewed through Jacob’s perspective, as he rages helplessly against the decrepitude of old age and the secrets of the past: “In seventy years, I never told a blessed soul.”
In prose both poignant and infinitely tender, Jacob dwells in both worlds, revealing the wounds of the past and the sorrows of the present. In a devastating denouement, as inescapable as the indifferent world that turns a blind eye to the vagrants of the ‘30s, Jacob’s spirit retains the essence of his kind nature, a man who cannot be broken by circumstances. All is redeemed in a coup de grace that will leave the reader richer for having met this raggedy tribe of miscreants and lost souls."


Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweet Practice Today

I have been nursing a painful stomach for two days now.I didnt know how it all started again but my usual hyperacidity has been taking its toll on me.I was practically tired but I had no  choice but move.I made a vow not to get paralyzed by whatever negativity there is around and within me.My bedtime prayer last night was a whine telling my MAKER i was tired and i was asking him to tell me what to do about my condition.

I woke up feeling nauseated still and had to cancel two of my classes.I just went doing some chores after eating papaya. A hot energy choco malt drink helped ease my fatigue.My mat was calling me so after cleaning my space,i did my practice at the first floor.I was surprised to know i was able to complete the entire series despite my condition.I was sweating the whole time.My space was entirely hot.My breathing at first was labored.Obviously within me, I was not alright.The whole practice ended with me doing my savasana and just hugging my knees after.I could only say Thank You Lord after that.

I was all the more surprised to see that i was sweating BIG TIME.My shirt was all wet and I looked like I was swimming for hours.A great shower followed.What happeened after that was classic. I was up and about.TRUE!

Toxins were released and I was grateful for that.I just relearned something today.

Someone has been guarding me all throughout.He knows what He is about.He led me to practice today.I didnt even know i could make it.

Here's another favorite prayer of mine.Today I'd like to tell HIM this.

LORD, you know all things.You do all things and You love me very much. Thank you.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

X MEN:First Class (Favorite Quotes)


There were lines that captured my heart from this great origin story.I watched and learned at the same time.I was not just entertained.I was given some of life's greatest lessons.

Here are some of them.

Erik: Tomorrow mankind will know mutants exist. They will fear us. And that fear will turn to hatred." -

"Charles: So much more to know. Not just pain and anger. There is good in you too.
Erik: What do you know about me.
Charles: Everything." -

"Erik: Mankind will turn on us.
Charles: Not if we stop the war.
Charles: Not if we risk our lives doing so.
Erik: Will do the same for us." -

Charles Xavier: "You're among friends now, Hank. You can show off."

Raven Darkholme / Mystique: You're amazing 

Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto: My fellow Mutants! The real enemy is out there.

Hank McCoy: "You have no idea what I would give to feel..."
Hank and Raven together: "Normal"

Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto: If you're using half your concentration to look normal, then you're only half paying attention to whatever else you're doing. Just pointing out something that could save your life. You want society to accept you, but you can't even accept yourself.

 Charles Xavier: How's that for a magic trick?

Charles Xavier: "A new species is being born. Help me guide it, shape it, lead it."

"They're just kids." - Charles Xavier
"No, they were kids." - Erik Lehnsherr

Charles Xavier: Killing will not not bring you peace.
Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto: Peace was never an option.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pasta for lunch

After a great practice at the shala, I was feeling hungry but I didnt exactly know what to eat.I wanted to get something heavier than veggie so in the end I opted to have pasta at The Old Spaghetti House at the Galeria. I havent really been here in a while but I must say this place is one of my favorite spots. There is only one specialty that I look forward to eat in's Alfredo's Seafood Pasta in white sauce.

my water, my life
I purposely asked them to separate the sauce because i dont want my pasta to be that saucy/creamy.Sometimes it upsets my stomach.
The thin well-cooked pasta with fresh seafoods in it.Someday, ill be saying goodbye to them..:)
It was a sumptuous meal.


Blessed Week

I am very grateful for the gift of this week.Each moment was like being planned by the great architect of life and I am simply executing what I was bound to do.Each person I have met and talked to has brought me new reason to go through the day.I have become a better me this week,simply because I have allowed myself to play my role in harmony with what the universe has inclined me to do.

With Cherry, Michelle's sister.My last interviewee.
Meeting a friend whom I havent seen for more than 2 years was indeed a gift.It was unplanned yet it was the best reunion of all.I have missed her and it was nice laughing with her again.
with Michelle's kids, Choi and Gerry..Ahh I have missed them.

Practicing at the shala for two times this week has made me stronger in both mind and spirit.I have felt that each breath that I took in and released was a reminder of my being alive.Each soul that I practiced with was a replica of energy that has added balance to my own.Each pose was a reflection of the kind of state my inner self was into.I love these women.

Being told that I was doing well with my practice was priceless.My teacher often commented that I did well with my backbends and that I was naturally flexible.I was humbled and exalted at the same time. No exact word would tantamount to the gratitude that I would like to express to all my teachers and the lineage of teachers who started out this yogic discipline.

I know not what happens next week.I am living everything to the UNIVERSE who has always been perfect.As for me, I will do the best I can to better my craft each day as a teacher,a student, a daughter, a friend and a co-creator.

I have come across this quote that equally speaks of what I desire to do..

If you want to become whole, let yourself be partial.
If you want to become straight, let yourself be crooked.
If you want to become full, let yourself be empty.
If you want to be reborn, let yourself die.
If you want to be given everything, give everything up.

                                               Tao Te Ching


Thursday, June 2, 2011

GREAT practice tonight

Talking about energy that's awesome, I just had it tonight.With the other women at the shala, I felt that the universe has opened up its horizon to all of us who wished to be at home with ourselves again.

Teacher Nature was early and she took time to chat with us while waiting for the others.She was very human when she told me she's in denial with teacher jon leaving soon.I could only smile and told her we need to let him go.Of course, i said that with a kind of a heavy heart.I also have my episodes of denial knowing my last classes with him are a way too short.Still, i am beginning to pray for him for a safe and blessed journey out there.

I felt so light while the practice went on.There were less thoughts getting in my way. It was a total surrender of desires, of worries, of expectations, of hopes and of pains.I am very certain my prayers were heard.

The practice ended with a great savasana.I am again ready to sleep soundly.I said goodnight to Nature and the rest of the women.I told them it was a great practice tonight.It was indeed.I went home peaceful.I laughed a lot during my classes with Jully.Priceless!

It's hot now but I dont mind.My body has been conditioned enough at the shala.This heart is happy.This self is renewed This soul is strong for I have the UNIVERSE backing me up...always!


Energy please

I am supposed to be transcribing the interviews I've conducted this week but I havent done any single step of the entire process yet. My mind is so busy about other things that arent really necessary.I just have my cycle almost completed and  I still feel lethargic at times. I have also been busy doing my own errands like paying my bills, having my warts treated, checking things at home and resting at the same time.

My mind is busy ..YES! I havent practiced yoga for almost a week now so I guess I have to attend the 6:30 pm class at the shala. Because I will do so, it would mean I have to cancel some of my classes online.I am hoping there would be more opportunities to attend morning practices this month.I wish I can already make it to a mysore class .Praying for this.OM.

Tonight's practice will be offered for healing not only for my tired body and mind but also to those in pain of any form out there.I also would like to honor the GOD who has always been faithful to me despite and inspite of my frailties.

May the UNIVERSE grant me serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I still can and the wisdom to know the difference. (My favorite prayer)

This self is moving on.Energy, please.