Friday, August 31, 2012

Life again

Two full moons in one month is crazy for me. I bet I have been constantly feeling lethargic and sick. It's almost always like I cant help but sleep a bit while on my travel to and fro work. It is not just that. I am very sensitive to noise. What is worse is I am always on the  verge of crying when confronted with even the slightest hint of nostalgia. Every poor individual I encounter is very significant to me and I feel like  hugging  them and tell them they will be alright soon.

I have a huge flow of differing emotions and most of the time I am carried away.
Shall I attribute it to this lunar occurence?

Why, for the love of yoga, do I feel this over and over again?

I dont understand life's doze of odds to me.There are so many  times that I lament and is on the verge of giving up yet there is also this interesting voice within me that says...C'mon, this is all just part of the magnanimity of life.You will soon be fine again.

And I rest my case and dwell with this melodious rhythm. Om for life.Om for bliss.Om for good health.

Monday, August 27, 2012


This self is contemplating of quitting work. There is no drive.There is heaviness in her heart. She is not happy to work with her director.She is wanting out.

Om for wisdom. Om for enlightenment.Om for humility.Om for forgiveness.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Life is cheap.Death is inevitable. Anytime,anywhere, any way. We are not promised any certainty.I am immersed with these. Old age is not even the only reason for us to leave this abode. Sickness, accident, crime.In all its form, death is not an option.It is the end.The ultimate reality of our humanity.The conclusion.

We need to be prepared then Scary but yes, this is what mortality is all about.

Let's do well then with our lives.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another flood story

The rain continued to pour and as early as 3:30 in the morning, I read a message from colleagues that classes were suspended. I was glad at first of course then I started doing chores after spending few minutes on the mat. My sense of peace was not permanent though because at around 9 am, together with my neighbors, i had to evacuate to the third floor of my landlady's apartment building. The water was above knee level already. I brought nothing except my laptop, my phones, and money. I had no food because i hadn't done any grocery shopping yet.

We were situated comfortably and the seven adults and a 3 year old boy spent the night in the living room. It was also the first time I cooked for several people, new friends at that.

I love how we comforted each other in the most natural way. There's  always humor all around.
The rain still poured in the evening. Then morning came.We're monitoring.The place was still flooded.Water
rose higher.

A few hours after breakfast, the sun came out but not for long. At this juncture, it's raining again.
It's almost our second night here. Our food is not that much but we have each other and we are safe. I guess it's a great blessing.

I have read overwhelming messages of concern and comfort. I am grateful. I kept calling home and updated them with what's happening. I am thinking of my brother.I hope he's alright.

There are people attributing all these to the RH Bill blah blah.There are also those connecting this to the genesis story. ahhh, ENOUGH!

I refuse to comment. It wont help me find my center at this time.I am certain the universe has its reasons why all these happen and I know I am part of the blame.

Anyway, I am still here with the others. I am trying to get by. This too shall pass and there will be another rainbow soon.

I have my peace intact. There is a GOD who is better and bigger than this bad weather.


Monday, August 6, 2012


The rain is unstoppable. It has been several days and the wrath is still on. Classes in all levels are now suspended. It's seven thirty in the morning already but it looks like the sun has been hiding from us since time immemorial.

  I was glad just staying home and rest but the gladness was momentary. It is not cool being comfortable in my abode knowing there are a lot right now who are in the evacuation centers. The children, the old and those who are sick. There was that great storm two or three years ago. I dont know if similar fate will hit all of us again. I am only sure that this is not any milder nor cooler than the previous.

I am praying that my body will  make it to the mat .I pray that the Universe will be kinder and will spare everyone from harm. My country has been through a lot.

The rain is now getting stronger. Outside is already flooded.

 Om for safety of everybody.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Yoga thoughts

Nothing sensible is coming out of this humble mind. I have so much to share but there seems to be a shortage of words. Humanity is creeping in my entire system. Bad back and all, this woman is exactly the epitome of vulnerability. Just like the gloomy weather, my mood is a bit off at times. Still, in the midst of the irregular flow of normalcy, I am blessed to be given the opportunity to still meet good people who help me realize that I am no different from them. These women at the shala are reminders that I am loved and I am a beautiful creation.

I am very happy to see my teacher Jon again. At least, for three Saturdays, he was able to journey with me in my practice. I am so thankful for his usual gentleness in his attending to my poses. My heart is glad knowing he has seen so much growth in my practice. I was my emotional self  hearing it from him. It has inspired me to keep on practicing and constantly embrace my being me. A yogin.

I am a bit sad today, however. I wanted so much to hug him  and to personally bid him goodbye but he was still very busy attending to many students so I decided to leave. Though I wrote him a message, I am still thinking of seeing him for the last time before he leaves. Anyway, he told me he wished to see me again. Of  course we will certainly meet someday soon.

I dont know how to frequent my practice with my work schedule. I guess it will be up to the universe to give me the time and space. May the Universe conspire with me again.I want to practice more days. I need to. I have to.