Tuesday, February 17, 2015

hello again

I have missed this space like i have missed going to the shala. I am getting the hype about life with all its tediousness. A lot has happened which could be considered fun also.
I just got certified as a TESOL teacher after 3 weekends of travelling to Makati and setting aside my decent practice. I must say the sessions were mostly refreshers for me. As usual, it's the people I was with that spelled out FUN.
Practice was short to none as my body needed to rest but i need to catch up. I have missed the energy and my likeminds.
School is good and irregular since we are celebrating our festivities. I'm dealling with people professionally and I make a vow not to succumb to negativity. I ignore as much as possible to linger because I still want to keep my spirit in tact. 
Where will life lead me this summer? What with low funds and all. Perhaps the beach or the mountains will do. God, I want to practice everyday.

It's ash wednesday today and I am looking forward for a holiday tomorrow.

Namaste everyone:)