Sunday, August 30, 2015

Month ender write up

The moon is now waning but I am still tired. I had a a good practice at the shala last Saturday, though but my emotions up till now are still high and low. I am hit at times with sadness since I am way too far too even visit my sick father and attend to my family's ordeal. Calls are regular though but seeing and knowing how limited time there is for my father make me anxious to go home. I am hoping October arrives soon so I can visit during the break.

I had a confrontation with my landlady for the first time last Saturday. I felt I needed to say my piece since I had been experiencing inconveniences while  their house repair is going on. I was way too assertive that I ended up getting hyped up. A stone massage helped me eased my stress.

My mind, so you know, is confused. Thoughts come and go. I do entertain them at times but mostly I just keep myself busy with stuff. My heart is restless knowing it wants to find its way back home within. It is at this moment that breathing is very necessary.

I am counting my life at the University. I am counting months before I can rest from the hellish traffic. 

Where to after? Om shanti, shanti

Monday, August 10, 2015


It's been a month. I honestly missed writing here. I have been tired since day 1 of the new school year. Travelling back and forth is a killer, not to mention the endless traffic. I have not been seeing the sun regularly. My practice has become shorter. I walk so much in school. My legs technically are tired. 

My father is getting older and sicker. I worry, yes but I need to be strong. I am the only sibling who is far.  I really want to start something new. Tough times.

I am still grateful though. I am alive and still able to teach. 

How about you? I wish you all well.