Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WE ARE MARSHALL(2006 movie)

I saw this movie via HBO three years ago but up until now it has left a spot in my heart.Matthew McConaughey was just amazing. He gave justice playing the role of a football coach who wanted so much to give hope to his team and to everyone else who had been into mourning since the death of almost the entire  football team in a plane crash.The plot was no extraordinary feat but stories like this always give me the strength to continue fighting through life no matter how uncertain the results would be.As the new coach McConaughey emphatically contradicted the norm that it's always winning that matters.He stressed that winning and losing do not really matter in any game.It is how we play the game that counts most.I agree.Doing things by heart is enough to make one a winner.In life too, i have often failed and won.This  really dont matter to me largely.I still stand a winner in every streak of the game whatever the result is because i always give my best shot to life.This 2006 flick  made me cry BIG TIME but it also  made me realized once more that there are better things in this game called life than complaining.There are opportunities worth grabbing.I should hold on to my faith.
"The story told in "We Are Marshall" sounds a little like the invention of a screenwriter. An airplane carrying a university football team crashes, killing nearly all of the players, most of the coaching staff and several prominent fans. The university and the close-knit surrounding community are devastated but decide to persevere. A new head coach assembles a team of freshman and athletes who have never played football. This motley crew goes on to win its first home game with a record-breaking number of fans in attendance.

But in spite of sounding like they were made for Hollywood, these events really took place. On November 14, 1970, Southern Airways Flight 932 crashed on approach to Tri-State Airport in Kenova, West Virginia. Marshall University had chartered the plane to carry its football team, the Thundering Herd, home from a game against East Carolina University. All 70 passengers and five crew members were killed. Only a handful of the Thundering Herd were not on board. "(http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/we-are-marshall.htm)

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