Friday, October 24, 2014

New Moon thoughts

I am enjoying my sem break, thankfully. My body's still sore from my intense practice yesterday at the shala. I was really happy though for  I was able to practice with my favorite teacher after a few months of not seeing him. I was more focused yesterday on my second series. Those poses that require me to put my legs at the back of my head..Wow! I guess I did improve.I am grateful.

I had a morning class with my mexican student, Gerardo, since I was sporting a bad cold last night. The fifty minute online learning was both fun and tedious as it gave us both the limitation in terms of him learning how to say English words correctly. I can see though that he will surely succeed in this endeavor because he's truly dedicated. KUDOS Gerardo:)

So, there were three men who wanted to chat with me online today. I didnt feel the vibe. I had to let go. My longing to have that pure love isn't available yet..hahahha

Thoughts wander too, gravitating on both the good and the not so good. It must be the moon or my own lack of drive to go out.

Generally, the day is a clean one. My eyes are tired though.

This is just me trying to be boring on a new moon day.

Have a happy one. Namaste!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Just dropping by :)

It's been almost a month since I last parked in here. Things were tough since my sister went into treatment. Fate led her to leave the hospital. She's still in denial. All our efforts seemed fruitless. Right now, I guess she hated us, as expected. My mom got all the wrath. I am helpless. Still surrendering everything.

It's almost the semestral break at the university. I am so wanting to be free from paperworks, annoying people, toxic system and stressful travel. I am just so missing my students. Life  in the field is 80 percent love and 20 percent indifference. I just don't want to be  consumed by the system and negative people. I wish there are more like minds out there. I don't want to sound arrogant but I simply can't enjoy conversations that deal with people, money..ahhh, all negativity.

MY body, because of fatigue, is aching until now. My colds or shall I advocate this to my allergies, really got its toll on me. I have my runny nose. My head's heavy at times. Still, there is my mat which welcomes my vulnerable self. I am glad I have a place  to go home too.

I am grateful for all the people who made my first semester going. My students, my encounter with them, the hugs, the tears,the laughter.. all these matter to me. Now, I am teary. I am still bad at saying goodbyes. I guess I won't outgrow this.

Today, I am alone but my heart is peaceful. I had my practice this morning. I am glad my ekapada is getting alright. Kudos to my more opened hips.

I am listening to Billy Joel at Spotify now. I just love to be grateful.

Have a great weekend. Till next time.