Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello 2015

It has been 3 days since I entered another year. I still have been overwhelmed knowing that I am going to be a year older also come three months. Life really is going fast without my noticing it.

The first three days so far has been good to me. Despite my PMS, i am more emotionally sane and relaxed. My energy has been calmer. I am grateful.
There are few thoughts that linger in my head too. I wish to share with you that..

   1. I'd like to be richer this year. This is not because I want all the material comforts in this world but it is because I want to help more my family and other people.
   2. I'd also like to travel more-both here and abroad.
   3. I'd like to teach English more and leave Theology eventually. I want to teach the languages and literature and I want to write.
  4. I want to marry and I will with my spiritual man.
  5. I want to practice more and get myself certified to teach ashtanga.
  6. I want to meditate more, constantly, consistently, effortlessly. 
  7. I want to always be me.I won't let people and events control me.
  8. I will bend but I will not break.
  9. I will keep loving my family in my own way.
  10. I will be forever grateful-in my heart and in my mind,

May the Universe bless me. Om shanti, shanti.