Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How about my own version of "Guinataan"

I am not a good cook in the real sense of the word but I can be applauded when I will whip a dish with love.
MY guinataan
My friend Michelle and I were craving for this native delicacy guinataan since Saturday. I volunteered to make it and she's in charge of buying the ingredients.

Here are the simple things needed.

finely cubed sweet potatoes (camote)
thinly sliced ripe  bananas ( saba)
2 cups of coconut milk
brown sugar
roasted mongo
dough balls (bilo bilo)
tapioca pearl (sago)
half cup of rice

To make my own version, I simply mixed the rice and sweet potatoes (camote) with 5 cups of water and let them boil. When it started  to boil, I constantly stirred  to mix everything.Then after 3 minutes or so, I added the dough balls, roasted mongo and stirred again. After about another 3 minutes, I added the cocounut milk and I kept it to boil. I stirred again to  mix everything and to make it sticky. The bananas were added then the brown sugar. Continuous stirring was done until such a time that everything's cooked.

Everyone had a great snack after. ..It was my first attempt to make it and Michelle loved the outcome.

I was very happy to feed them.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Celebrating Friendships

It's another moonday today and I am not very happy, yes. It's not because there are reasons why I have to be sad but really I am just pulled away from that state.See, even my writing here is very confusing.Thanks Moon.

Anyway, this phase will soon leave and I would be my happy self again.Despite the oh-so-low-mood- bruhahas-I am actually blessed with great celebrations of friendships this week.

Amy, whom I havent seen in a while, will soon be leaving to the US.I am a bit happy and jealous for her.It's normal though. We had a sumptuous seafood dinner on a Friday and that has made me so full. What a treat. I just had to experience a slight difficulty in my mariachi's the next day. It's alright though. I had so much fun   and I guess that dinner would be the last, at least this year. Ahh,I will miss her.
checking out on mir piano man:)

I will miss you ams:(
Yes, our food.
After my yoga practice on a Saturday, my dear friend Michelle and I visited a Buddhist temple in Manila Despite  the heat and the  traffic, we were able to find solace at such a lovely place. We were just there seated  and sharing life. It was such a breath of fresh air.It was an authentic encounter with ourselves. The Buddhas.


The Monks

With Michelle
Someone is leaving and it is going to be sad but sadness is  temporary.Just like happiness.I am just glad I have shared moments with these people.I am very grateful.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Break it is!

I am officially on a break from teaching now. It was supposed to have started last week but I was worked up with the syllabus making thing.It was fun though.What with the theological wrangling stuff and all.It was my first so it was kind of oh-so -new- thing for me .

It was also a great time bonding with colleagues outside the school premises. I could not also believe I survive the train rides for three days without much hassle. So big congratulations for me then.

Since I am awaiting my monthly ordeal, there is this natural body tiredness that's haunting me. I wanted to fight the hormonal imbalance cycle so I went to practice early on a Monday. It was heavy though. My breaths were not deep and my muscles were tired. I did the primary series and decided to finish with my teacher's approval. I was just not on my element. Oh wait, it was my body actually. Massage helped though afterwards.

There were bits and bits of situations that irritated me.Expected!

Anyway, i would like to share some beautiful pictures I took while I was on my three day syllabus making at the Saint Vincent School of Theology.
i love the sun . what with the duck and the green green grasses.
oh lotus!

May all beings be peaceful.

May all beings be free.

 May all beings be safe.

Grateful for the gift of life.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


    Then the tears filled the room last night.It was another vulnerable moment.When all I had was my weakness.I had nothing except that. It was a sweet surrender to the one who is capable of making things possible.Ahhh, it was all I needed to be alive.Tears.Surrender.Pains.Healing.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Heavy practice


As I officially start my semestral break today, I made a decision to intensify my practice. I aim to really stand on my own from my backbends.I also want to stay attune to what I am thinking and of course be conscious that there are other things that matter except fretting over low finances and that vicious cycle that haunts my family. Duh!
Lo and behold I had the Shala all by myself this morning but it wasn't exactly the practice that I have been aspiring. I guess I defied the yogic philosophy of just be and never expect. My bad!
My body wasn't very responsive at all. I felt so exhausted even by the mere thought of doing the initial asanas. I wanted to cheat and just hoped to quit but I persisted. My mind was also busy on its own. Thoughts here and there. I just wanted to stop.

After almost 2 hours though I finished the practice. With my breathing heavy and my body tired, I just tried to remember that some days are really stoned.

I learned again to stop doing and just let things flow. Expectations kill the spirit and yes today i just died.

Yoga is my natural state and because it is I am sure I will be fine.