Sunday, July 7, 2013

giving up..(i guess)

    The whole week has been both fulfilling and  tiring. My breath has become shorter as i climb the stairs. My body's tired and wanted rest. My mind has been wanting to relax.

    Part of me wants to give all my academic endeavors up. I have been haunted with the question: what exactly is the significance of my toil?

    Of course i am very grateful with my students. Nothing compares with my encounter with them but what constrain me are the meetings, paperworks and people who are too full of themselves (i guess i am one of them).

    I want to retreat. I want to stay longer on the mat. I want to breathe more. I want my body to be at ease again.

    Om. I want to live. Work is killing my body. Except for my teaching, i want to give up everything else.