Thursday, July 29, 2010

Think of Me

Watching this flick once again reminds me of my life four years ago.It was when I had no idea at first that I was already driven out of a relationship that's not doing any better.Fate had its own way of bringing me to that someone who came right at the time when I was almost going to cry again.He was just there subtly telling me that his presence was enough reason for me live life the way I had to. Watching this film with him was a revelation of the magic of loving someone who seemed to be very insignificant all throughout my life.It was saving grace for me to have accepted his personhood...his friendship and then his love.

As the movie progressed, I was more drawn to him.We both had silenced our mouths and simply let our hearts did the talking.The Phantom of the Opera was one movie that would remind me of a time that I loved and had never lost it yet i had to let go.

I am thinking of him today more than ever and wish he's doing alright.I am more than grateful for the chance to have him..and to have thought of him.

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