Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Summer Practice

I made a kind of  a promise that I will intensify my yoga practice this summer. You see, the last semester of travelling and hurdling the traffic, not to mention the frenetic demands at the university have left me without a choice but to settle for only a weekend full time practice. I could sense the need to let my body find its center again and I could not afford to suffer that scoliosis attack anymore. My back, more than anything else, has begun to take its toll on the oddities of work. I love teaching but not the politics behind it.

So I decided to attend teacher Arne's class. This time, I am aiming for an almost everyday practice with him. In my mind, I would like to rest on a Friday to be with Teacher Jon on a Saturday. Anyway, my Mexican teacher's class started last Monday and I was early at the shala. After two years of not seeing him,  I was really thinking he would forget me but no. He exactly knew my name and he welcomed me back to his class. I could not help but hug him. He's the sweetest, alright. Candidly, I asked him to be gentle with me which he gladly responded he would. Happiness!

So my practice started and true enough he changed a lot. He was way too comforting in his adjustment. I love how he simply guided me to where I could be in  my practice. I am very grateful. 
It is now my third day and my body's very sore and tired. Despite this, there is this inner push to continue because all is surely going to be fine in the end. I know I will become better and my body will find its center once more.

I will practice again tomorrow,Goodluck to my weak toes and legs. 


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