Friday, May 11, 2012

Phillip Phillips - Volcano

This is an out of this world performance of my favorite American Idol contestant this season. I haven't actually heard the song before but with Phillip's rendition it seemed like I have been listening to  it  the  whole time. I love the sensitivity he has attached to his performance and to quote Jlo, it was just "poignant."

More than this piece of art, Phil Phillips has always been awesome. His voice speaks so much of his passion for music. I love his unique and youthful radicalism. His fearlessness has added up to his charm. Just like my previous favorites, I am very certain this guy will  go places.

He's now making it to the top 3 and whatever happens, he is my American Idol for this year. Need i say more? :)

Sail on Phil Phillips. You're doing a very great job!

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