Monday, December 7, 2009


my fascination for simple stuffs has recently been has been a while since i was totally focused on my school work.i was wanting so much freedom from paperwork but i just couldnt do it for the reason that this mundane task is always part and parcel of what we call TEACHING.I am blessed to be given the chance to teach again.I am just not that happy knowing that i have six different preparations at hand.i am not complaining at this.I am just totally overwhelmed with the fact that this has eaten much of my time.I am just thankful though that i am done with my academic requirements in my graduate school but wait till early next year.I am certain i will be having more frenetic schedules knowing that i had to be taking my comprehensive exams.I need so much time to read to prepare for this but being tied in my workplace too, not to mention my online job, i would be a hypocrite if i would say that i still have enough time for my hobbies.i always love to read the books that i want.I always want to go to the mountains and just commune with the little of what nature has to offer.i still want to swim and frolick around.i just want to be more normal but i need to set these aside.I still want to be in love with love but i always end up neglecting those who want to be near me.this is the price i have to pay for the choices i am making.again, there is no point lamenting.i am just sharing.

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