Saturday, January 16, 2010

hello multiply!

it's good to be back .My laptop is getting weird that until now i could not really write my blog in here.i guess it's only my setting in multiply that causes this error.anyway, life has been so good to me has bombarded me with a lot of blessings that i am so overwhelmed until now.there are blessing of both good and not so good peopel coming into my life.I am also blessed with the gift of discernment that i know what is really worth keeping and what is worth letting go.of course, the processs is not easy, you know.I am so blessed with a lot of preoccupations that would eventually change my life in time.I am preparing for my upcoming comprehensive exams in my theology.i am both excited and anxious.I am really still not believing that i will finish soon.i could not be happier.i am also very blessed to still teach my students both on line and offline.i know not what's in store this march.i am contemplating of looking for another college or university to apply to so i could really teach theology or something like that.

i am blessed and i believe i will still be blessed.2010 is still beginning to heart is so eager to meet anything and anyone there is laid before me.right now. i am just doing what i need to do.

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