Friday, March 26, 2010


It was more than a month ago when marlyne and i were so stressed out trying to look for a rehab center where we could confine her significant was also God's providence certainly that we're led to rising phoenix. everything was in perfect place and timing until now.

one of the things we did before finally deciding to admit him was to have an ocular visit.sir lui, one of the founders of the center personally drove us to the place.from alabang, we went all the way to tagaytay.i found the place so friendly.a welcoming site, actually.since it was my first time to enter a rehab center, i felt a bit cautious at first but when i finally entered the place, i was awed seeing gentle looking faces who were so hospitable to us.someone said hi and i had to see who that was.i saw a chinese looking guy in black at the receiving area.i said hi back, naturally.we were ushered inside by sir chito and we asked questions...a lot of questions.we had the chance to tour the place while he introduced to us the programs.i was more convinced that marlyne should take the place for JVC.

we asked if we could talk to some residents and they provided us was a more than 40 year old man who was the son of a mayor, the other one was a big guy who happened to be a nephew of a political figure and to my surprise the third guy was the one who greeted us first.his name was jay.we asked them questions and they happily provided us all that we needed.they shared their stories to us.the three of them gave inspiring revelations.i was moved because i felt how happy and contented they were being in that hunch was right.the place was non-threatening.

jay was so engrossed talking and man, he was really good looking.i thought he was chinese but he said he's a filipino.he's the only child of business oriented parents.he was into addiction because of friends.he started young he said.he just woke up one day finding his life was almost wasted.just like the other two, he wanted a clean life again.the three of them are seniors in the center.they will go out soon.i told them i wish they'll continue doing good. after more than 30 minutes of fruitful sharing, we had to thank them for their time.we needed to go back to was late.i went out of the place happy and really inspired.i just met 3 inspiring people.more so, i met a man who was very cool and eloquent. marlyne told me while we were in the car that she noticed jay kept looking at me.i told her that's why i could not look at him straight in the eye.well, that's just how it started a month ago.

earlier today we went to alabang for the first family meeting.i saw again mr david, sir lui, and some new faces particularly the parents and relatives.I was overwhelmed by the support.a guy named jaimee shared his experiences as a recovering young man.people were inspired obviously.

while talking to mr. david, i saw someone in black appeared from the door and i was suprised.It was Jay.He looked at me and tried to smile in recognition but i felt so awkward because i was talking to sir david and suddenly i was out of focus. i tried to concentrate naturally.we had to eat after the conversation.while trying to devour my food, i saw jay looking at me from the mess hall.i was very conscious.i told marlyne.i had to look at him so i could say hi but everytime i did that he seemed to be busy doing something.while having a photo session with sir lui, i caught him looking at me again so i had no choice but waved and said hi.he gave me that big smile.i was melting.he was having a meeting with the counselor and his mom while marlyne and i were also getting feedbacks from her husband's counselor.I saw him stood and went somewhere then walked near our venue.I had to say hi again and asked him how he was.of course i asked him if he still remembered us and he did.i told him he gained weight and he told me he's trying to eat more.the last time i saw him, he was like slimmer.he looked more handsome.i guess he's ready to face the real world fact he already enjoyed his day off without chaperone.he was still at the venue with jaime while we were finishing our session.we said goodbye to everyone but not to him. i wanted too but i ws kind of shy.we had to wait for our car at the lobby.sam and i went to the comfort room while marlyne waited.i did not notice where jay was.i was busy taking pictures when i saw him across the street.what happened next was a bonus.he was approaching me.i naturally had to pretend i didnt see him but he was already opening the glass door and smiled at me.i felt like a teenager seing him like that.i said hi again and we talked.he told me he would be working with their business in a months time.I told him i was happy for him.I sincerely wished him the best.we talked about other stuffs.He even told me it's his mom's birthday today.we would have talked more but he was already told it's time to leave.he said goodbye and i told him to take care.i was still standing at the same spot while he was already inside the car.they left ahead of us.

on my way home, i could not stop grinning.marlyne was teasing me big time.i was just happy and inspired.i dont even know if i'll still see him again.i just could not believe he still remembered me and of course marlyne and really found time to talk to me. by the way he had his education in london.he had breeding.whoever he's going to be with would be so lucky.he may have done something stupid but that was part of his carefree journey.judging from his bearing, he's got so much to offer to this world.

someday, perhaps i'll meet him again.i would still wave at him and i know he would smile back.

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