Friday, December 3, 2010

Yoga Day with my new teacher

I had done basic yoga classes before.I had few sessions at the MORO gym in the Ateneo, one at Vinyasa and at Ananda Marga.( If my memory served me right) I honestly was glad i did all those sessions because somehow I was relieved from stress in any form specially when I knew back then that my monthly period was on the verge of causing havoc to my relationship with others and with myself.Those sessions were great opportunities for me to find my center in the midst of all that enveloped me but I sensed I wasnt too ready to do the practice seriously.I guess I was not yet too embracing for an exercise that would surely make me someone that's totally free from too much complications that this world i ended up stopping the program.

It was only this year that I was drawn back to that desire. My body needed much attention and my mind needed to be at peace.I didnt know that the universe has already prepared me a spot at yoga manila.everything just fell into all started from attending regular meditation classes then now enrolling in a one hour and a half yoga session every weekend.I must say that i am very ready to embrace my vulnerability as I am committing myself to all these disciplines and more to give myself that break it truly deserves.

Today, I met my yoga teacher.He's Jonathan.I didnt know much about him because he didnt formally introduce himself.All I knew was he did a great job in guiding all of us in this journey of letting go and more.We were six in the class today...all women at that.He, with his deep soothing voice prepared us by allowing us to lie relaxed on our mats.with our eyes closed,he told us to be aware of everything..from the movements of our feet, arms, everything..and the breathing of course.

everything went smoothly.there were poses of course that were too difficult to handle at first but he was always there.I was totally aware that I would not find my balance at some point.He sensed it too and went to guide me.I almost fell.I slept late for some days and it was not a good thing.He guided me for a few moments then i was back on my feet.when i perspired, I knew I was already doing things almost correctly.

It was so great breathing.It was good to stretch my muscles as far as I could.I was getting the hype of managing my breath as I was doing all those poses.I didnt mind the time.There were thoughts that came but they eventually went away without my noticing was such overwhelming to know that I was able to do the lotus position peacefully.I knew my muscles were relaxed already.

he told us why we're there.he asked us to let go of all our anticipations, as well as future plans and just focus on the present.peace was felt.we ended up with a short prayer of thanks and peace with both our palms meeting at the center near our was so peaceful big time.

we chatted with our teacher for a few minutes then off we went out.he told us to bring the fifth element of yoga outside bring peace to others.WE will see him next weekend.

it was surely just the beginning of me opening my channels to the leading of the universe.i am so grateful i am given the chance to pamper myself this way.

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