Friday, November 25, 2011

Just noting

It's my first time to blog using my iPod.I am resting on my favorite mat on the floor on this cozy saturday afternoon. It's the first day of my monthly ordeal and I feel that so much of my energy is flowing out. Lower back pains are bearable but disturbing so I have no choice but rest. The practice today was fine though a bit heavy . I didn't know that my period served me in the middle of my asanas. I was glad I was able to do my full practice with full back bends and drop backs. That was a gift!

Lunch consisted of tuna sandwich and carrot bar with four seasons juice.on my way out, I passed by Sony ericsson display area and I was captivated by it's latest design. I stopped for a moment and requested for the reddish color but they told me it's not, my penchant for red gadgets overwhelmed ne again. Anyway,great songs are playing right now on my favorite fm station. Guess what? I'm feeling so comfy just being in my place but I'm still wishing I was somewhere far..,in the beach alone with my books or with someone who would make my
heart beat again ...Ahhh this weather is just great!

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