Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday the 17th of november

Life has been fine with me these past few days in the midst of all the mind boggling thesis writing stuff. I was trying to finish at least my Chapter I but  I ended up groping for good ideas. Because I am mostly confined at home I am faced with chores and students.There is also the TV that constantly invites me to watch good programs. You see, I only have five hours away from teaching each day. I simply dont know sometimes how to apportion this to cater to what I have to do. I cant help but create random thoughts of quitting my work to concentrate on writing but I know it's too impossible. I need to work to fend for myself and to help my family. It is a burden at times to think that I am not really that firee financially. Still, I am positive things will turn out alright.

This morning I had my early practice at the shala. I was at first contemplating whether to go or not a because I felt sluggish. I've got slight colds and my muscles are heavy and tired. In the end, I was brought to my favorite place, the shala. There were only few women there and It was a good chance for me to be more attuned with my poses with my teachers' assistance. I love my morning.

Because it was way too early for the  malls to open, I decided to stay by the poolside of the hotel and relax. I didnt know that the time I spent there gave me bliss. Simply staring at the cool and bright clear water, I managed to forget that there were tasks to do outside my yoga mat. That time I was just chilling....wanting to sleep even.

There are not so pleasant things happening at home but we managed to cope with them. I just realized life is too short to be very concerned of what's not yet there. I guess the future shouldn't be worried too much .What is really important is the NOW. I should not forget this classic lesson in life. in There are  my parents who are aging,my siblings and my work. I have to take things as they come or else I might be caught up with what's still an illusion.

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