Thursday, June 6, 2013

Weeklong Highlights

The school year is about the begin. I only have like 3 days before I'll start waking up at 3:30 in the morning again and will be sitting for more than an hour on a bus to go to school. Aside from this routine, there will be more hurdles to take..textbook writing, PhD classes, papers, students problems and all that. This is life for me then for another year. I bet I dont have the right to lament for now.

Anyway, the week has given me so much. I have all the emotions felt.

Shocked over the death of a dear student. Just like that, she's gone so soon after being hit by a bus. I relearned something. I am very temporal therefore i need to detach, detach and detach from all that will make me lesser than a good person.

Grateful yet sad for I just culminated my practice at the Makati shala with teacher Arne. I have missed the heat, the energy, the warmth and the teacher's patience, gentleness and firmness all rolled into one. I wrote him a thank you message and this is his reply.
Teacher Arne

It has been a pleasure for me too
Thank you Jennifer for your kind message.
Keep up the good work and remember that the asanas are just a vehicule, not the goal. With patience and dedication everything will come. "Practice practice and all is coming" Guruji used to say.
Sending you a big hug and hopefully you will find a time to come practice one day on the following weeks or in the future.

Take care.
Big hug.


Ahh, such a sweet one.a true guru.

With Ate Gina

Happy and Grateful for the encounter with simple folks at Cabuyao. The few hours of living with Ate Gina's household reminded me that we are all connected. Our troubles are similar. We could always learn from each other and that we are all created by one and the same God therefore we are all special.

I am a bit tired too. Womanity again?!:)

This is it. I am bent to have some busy months ahead. Despite this , my practice will continue. This is after all what matters most.


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