Saturday, March 29, 2014

the art of friendship

    If there is one thing that inspires me so much in this world, it is always being able to connect with souls that would leave a huge impact in my life. These earthling could be anyone i meet randomly or she/he could be someone i constantly encounter at a particular setting.
    Today was just one of those blessed random moments when my fellow yogin, Redge and I had spent four straight hours of conversations over a lunch. It was sheer fluid interaction between souls who didn't need extra effort to keep the conversation going. There was raw emotion involved. Tears naturally flowed after telling and hearing poignant personal stories. 
    It was so soulful yet fun at the same time. My heart until now is very grateful for my Redge. 
    Real friendship is always raw...pure..simple..unassuming.
    Thank you Universe:)

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