Thursday, June 5, 2014

the world upside down

Photo: Someone's patiently paying attention on the sideline. My newfound doggie friend. #yoga #headstand#life
while headstanding. the dog on the sideline just patiently watched. 'twas a sight worth remembering. taken at White Castle Beach Resort, Calatagan, Batangas
 Life is not devoid of uncertainties. It is, on the contrary, so full of them. It is always a lesson learn the hard way for me. Nothing in this world is beyond our grasp-our future included. More than anything else, life is not lived in a linear kind of way. At times, we need to defy the usual pattern we are trudging in order for us to find our way back to where we are supposed to belong. Of course, this is rebellion in the real sense of the word. Doing the not so ordinary feat is above all--SCARY-- but it's worth it, I believe so.

The world upside down is no less than the world that I don't normally trod. I find it amusing that I can  defy gravity and still emerge solid. In a world where everything is laid before us ,with all its trappings, I can see that there is something beyond this state than the naked eyes can decipher. I figure that out when I bravely breathe and make detours on my own.Scary, yes, but life is not constant. Only those who dare truly live.

Yoga teaches me that there are other possibilities out there. All I need is take that leap, breathe, and let go.


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