Friday, March 26, 2010

remembering Jay Castro

marlyne picked me up after school and we drove all the way to alabang for the second family day.I was hungry and tired still so i ended up sleeping in the car.I didnt have any inkling as to what would transpire in the meeting.after hurdling for more than an hour with the traffic, we reached the venue.This time it was at a country club.

Much to my surprise, i was met by someone who made my heart beat faster 2 months ago.JAY.He was all smiles when we were approaching.I had to wave in recognition and the rest was history again.

Before the meeting started, i dragged zoem to go with me to the comfort room.After a few minutes, i came out first only to find out that Jay was already meeting me.He said hi and asked me how's everything.Then we started talking like we've known each other forever.He was apologetic when i told him he seemed not to recognize us when we went to tagaytay.He said he really did not see us.Of course, i knew he didnt.He did a lot of salestalking too for something that their community made.We talked until we were all asked to be at the meeting room.He joined the group activity.I was kind of conscious because we were facing each other.It was marlyne who told me he somehow kept on glancing at me.well, i did the same too.

His life story was so inspiring.It was made more touching because of his good diction and more so because he looked at me while sharing.As a whole, it was indeed an insightful afernoon with the families.

Food was served afterwards.He was busy with stuffs.I was busy with mine.I ate because i was very hungry then i chatted with the other families.I was beginning to feel so tired.I did not know that he was waiting for us to get our pancake.I had to ask him jokingly and he told me he's waiting.He was a great salesman.He was able to sell all 15 pancakes at 300 pesos each.Well, after all he's the president of their business company.

There were more conversations made before we left.I had to say goodbye to him after congratulating him for a job well done.I was glad.

Everybody in the car was sick back home.WE skipped lunch that's why.AS i am writing this, I am feeling so tired but smiling still.I met him again and we had longer conversations.It was a breath of fresh air.

I had no illusions over the friendship.I am just happy someone from that place has left a spot in here.More importantly, i know he trusts me in many ways.He has shared his life to me and marlyne.I acknowledged that fact and i am looking forward for his successful journey in life, whatever it is.

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