Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An intense morning

I was supposed to go to the Shala today but the heaviness that I felt both physical and emotional, not to mention spiritual, moved me to gather my mat downstairs and confronted myself again and my Maker , of course. It was my longest cry since I dont know when. It was such a painful encounter of my vulnerabilities again. I must say it wasn't the first time. Certainly,self scolding happens every now and then. Humanity with all it's frailties should be dealt with for life.

Broken, humbled, waiting, hopeful...
These exactly describe that encounter on my mat. I called Him my Maker, Energy , Force ... I was totally there just letting things go.

It was a cleansing and therapeutic immersion. This self is now revived.

Just look at the smile. Thank you Lord, always .

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