Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Natural Push & Pull of True Awakening: Richard Freeman on Yoga

This is such a very subtle,laidback and unassuming take on how yoga can do a lot of wonders to anyone practicing it regularly. Richard Freeman said it all in a way that I am  in total agreement. Yes, it is only when we love others that will we become happy. I know from my own experience that there is always joy in helping those who need our help. Compassion is eternally something that we can offer to humanity. It is of course not easy but with constant practice of being sensitive to the other people's  plight, I guess one gets to connect. I love the reminder that yoga is all about linking.

We are all connected. Every tiny sensient being is directly connected with us and to us. Respect and acceptance then are important.

Namaste. Thanks for this dear teacher Richard.

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