Sunday, November 15, 2009


it's his birthday today but i dont know how to tell him how much his friendship is missed.i havent heard from him in a while.To be exact it has been six months.The last time we talked was during my birthday when he really travelled a distance just to find a shop where he could talk to me and be with me on my special was a lovely surprise from an online buddy who has been there for me not only during my happiest moments but more than anything else, when i was at my i am writing this, my heart is aching for that friend.i miss our daily conversations.i miss seing him smile while teasing me because i look like a little girl.yah, he's such a tall white mammal.i miss him when he would gossip about his housemate who was literally with him waiting for his turn to use the computer.I am really missing the deep conversations about life, about his family, his kids, his work and everything.I miss him in a way that i am missing a best friend.i miss our email messages everyday.i thought i am ok but not talking to him for half a year has created an empty space here.he's the only online buddy who has definitely made me so comfortable.There was never any dull moment with him.He knew how to start and end a conversation.There were no pretensions.Despite his being a busy fellow, not to mention his being a dad, he always took time to talk to me.There was a time when he was suddenly gone for like five months without saying goodbye.....yet he came back..but now, i really dont know if he would.I dont know what's happening but I remember him most today..HIS BIRTHDAY!

i want to honor him for being a real online buddy.He was my valentine, my snowman and all.I am hoping he's doing well.I just wish him well.

I said a prayer for him too.I am glad i met someone like him.Despite the distance, the time difference and all, we had a friendship that stayed longer than expected.I am certain he remembers and thinks of me.I know he doesnt like to leave like that again...but i know too, he's got his reasons.Aside from the fact that he hasnt any computer of his own, he also keeps on travelling to places due to work.I do want him to be happy.I dont want him sad anymore.He's been through a lot before.I am just happy i was able to share that friendship...and i will remain a friend forever.

He is Darren...and yes, he is my tall british friend.

Should he read this...I want him to know i'm so grateful for the friendship and i am hoping the universe will make our paths cross again someday.after all, it's rare to have someone like him..a true friend.a gem.

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