Thursday, November 5, 2009

random thoughts

it has been a week since the second semester started.I did not even think that i would still handle classes in school but unexpectedly they called me again.I was already preparing myself to hurdle the long hours of review for my comprehensive exams.the very thought of this already gave me some butterflies in my stomach.Anyway, i am bent to finish this degree.there is just something about my being in this field that makes my life more meaningful.My brother once told me i should earn a lot of money for my future.I simply smiled at him.I dont want to sound ascetic but i believe so much in my heart that there is something more to life than earning more.

I do feel tired all started when i had a misunderstanding with my brother.come to think of it, it was simply a common rift between siblings who were just trying to be more giving to the needs of other family member.i actually regretted the thought of exchanging unpleasant words with him.i knew we're both sorry.he did call my sister and told her he was sorry for his really didnt matter who was at fault.i was just not so happy that we had to be like that.i miss him of course.

there is also this strange feeling in my heart that neither words nor actions can explain.I just am happy with the thought that someone shows kindness to's too good to be true but i'm beginning to love the fact that we're communicating.i'll just live things like this and see where the conversation will lead us.

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