Tuesday, November 10, 2009


i am so tired and i didnt know where it all started.today, i shed copious tears while watching a korean movie.it was not because the movie was sad.I guess it was because watching it was just my outlet to pour out my pent up emotions.i dont know where to begin but i am certain my heart deep within is a bit sad.i am wanting so much to hug someone who would not really judge me in any way.i just want to be hugged and to be assured again that life is great.i miss being comforted and assured about everything.i must admit i am tired now and it really is kind of killing me.being alone has taken its toll on me.perhaps because i havent for the longest time met someone who really wants me not because i can offer him/her something but because i am simply a vulnerable person who just wants to be embraced as i am.i am still whole but i am really wanting a comforting presence from someone.perhaps someone who need not say anything but just being there for me.
.....in time, i'll get by but right now, i am aware this is what and where i am.

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