Thursday, May 8, 2014


Photo: Everyday you make a choice.
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Yes and there is no blaming others for everything that one gets to experience in life. Our choices determine the kind of life we are living so there is no point aiming at someone for whatever it is that we are suffering.                                 

My summer is a mixture of all that life has to offer. The heat is excruciatingly taking its toll on me. I am easily irritated and tired. My body is just not friendly with the humidity of the season. It is a roller coaster ride of emotions, something I can call unpredictable. Oh, well, I guess it's also part of my being a female specie, huh!

I feel so unproductive as I am really idle most of the time. I want to go out often but there are factors that hinder me. Financially wise, I need to be cautious. I am specifically bored with the way my life is leading me. I want  to be active because aside from being laidback, I am really energetic.

Since I am alone most often I turn to books and some good shows on TV. I practice some poses too but something is just telling me I still can do something more.

As I am writing this, It just dawned on me what Osho has emphatically said above. It is not really about where I am or who I am with. My discomfort and convenience depend on me alone.

I need to breathe now. Everything is gonna be alright. I have to make it work today. Ohh, how about some handstands on the wall for strength? :)

Whatever state we  are in, let's just get the most out of it. Peace everyone. All is well in the end.


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