Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sentimental Moments

The weather has not improved much.The sun is still not up and about.The entire mood is kind of gloomy specially outside.It's a bit depressing, i would say.

My emotions are also challenged for the past few days.I tend to cry easily and I want to withdraw from people.I cried over something from the past.I was haunted by the great memories of a great love.There was no point for me to escape the moment.I have missed the relationship.I have missed the connection.I have missed what we once had.I acknowledged it once again.

The universe has been true to its promise to me. I wasnt left sulking at a corner and get paralyzed by the overwhelming sensation of longing over the person who's long been gone.I was still able to do my thing.I was still able to laugh with a friend while watching a great movie.I was still the same goofy me.

It's funny how something in the past can still get through me even after more than five years.I was contemplating what could have been the scene had i not let go.I had no regrets doing the giving up process.That was the greatest gift I could give him. Setting him free. It was not worth the holding on.It was always right to allow him to spread his wings. I am glad I did that after all the inner conflicts I was battling.

That was so long ago but my 214 has been haunting me BIG TIME.I want to reconnect with him but NO.I dont want to get in the way of whatever life he has at the moment.There are just things in life that are to be given up.It's sublime.

I dont know why I have missed him again.I dont know why I cried copious tears.Still, i felt so victorious knowing I had once met a great love in him.

I am now feeling alright.The weather has finally shown some positive changes.I wonder how he is.Still, life continues for me. I am  grateful for the nostalgia.It reminded me to be back home with him...even for a few moments.

I had once my great love...and it has made a difference in my life till now.

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