Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wu Xia - A great film

I had the chance to watch this great film when I was in Singapore.At first, I was thinking it was just another boring low budgetted film.I have not been watching Martial arts movies for a while so I had no idea what this movie was all about.

We were seated on the first row just few meters away from the screen.I, all the more thought that I would not enjoy watching it.I was wrong.

The storytelling was great.With the subtitles, i was able to grasp what the story had to tell me.I love everything about each actor.The culture of the village was also transported to me. I was brought back to a time when I lived in a small town where each one knew one another.

The movie depicted simplicity and complexity rolled into one.It's subtle in its attack that I was captivated with the every line each character delivered.

More than anything else...I love the theme on ENERGY.

Yes, we are made of this.

This movie is not only about martial arts.It's about life,Specifically, the will to change for the better, the love for family, friendship, culture, tradition and LIFE itself.

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