Sunday, September 18, 2011

Daily Examen 1

It's a Sunday.I am entering the most crucial week as my period is gonna be visiting me soon. My night dreams were good. What with the famous artists participating in my dreamworld.Funny and cute as it may sound, I was totally in a relationship with Jong Hilario.(In my dreams of course!) The whole time, we were in love. However, as the dawn came to a close,I was faced with the images of snakes.A huge snake was held by someone upclose.I was very scared.There were vague images of other snakes too. My consciousness told me something's not alright.Betrayal, maybe.I remember what my mom said before.I stood up and bit a part of my door.Ahhh, I didnt know what I was thinking.I could only say my prayer of surrender after that.

I set the alarm at six a.m. but I still lingered in bed as I felt that my upper back was stiff and painful at the same time.I had it from my intense yoga practice.It's expected though.Breakfast was healthy.I had fried fish and vegetable salad.

I was contemplating on what to wear to church.I ended up changing outfits thrice.This is really me at times specially if the weather is unpredictable.Anyway, i decided finally to simply wear my Guess blue shirt and jeans with my 2 inch heels.

The eleven fifteen mass has started so i went directly to the adoration chapel and read some pages of my Reiki book. Believe it or not, I bought this book eleven years ago.I have read it several times but it was only today that I found it interesting and helpful.I guess Im ready to be healed and heal. The mass was alright.I did a little act of kindness by offering the seat next to me to a woman.It felt good being thanked sincerely.

I didnt know what to have for lunch.I was attracted to eat pizza so I bought 2 slices and went to the computer shop to have a document printed. The pizza I ate really made my stomach uncomfortable.What's worst was the korean food I ordered for the first time. I wanted to forget that dish.I went home feeling tired.I rested and watched my favorite TV shows. I was inspired by the Miss Universe third runner up.She's a woman with conviction.A very smart one too.

I started to feel annoyed while having classes. I was conscious of my moods so I apologized to my two students. There's no better way to end the week than being humble.

Things are alright.My mood doesn't really waver much.My heart is peaceful. I was able to control useless thoughts.I talk to God literally at times. I have no one here but HIM, obviously.

I am hoping to write again.I want to focus.This heart wants to remain faithful.This heart desires to be more forgiving.This self longs to be better.

I thank my GOD. I thank the UNIVERSE.


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