Saturday, September 17, 2011


I'm up and about as Im writingg this.Though I feel a bit emotional due to my coming monthly gift, I need to say that my disposition today is generally fabulous. My night dreams since last night were so peaceful that I ended up waking up with a smile on my face. When I surrender to the HIGHER BEING, I feel lighter.

I arrived thirty minutes earlier at the shala. It was nice seeing earlier yogins doing their savasanas and asanas. Each breathed for life, I should say.Each breathed for gratitude. I also did mine. Starting off with few breathing, then stretching, followed by savasana then the asanas. My teacher introduced another two poses. My headstand still needed more hardwork. Nature, who assisted me, said that I was very flexible and because of that I had the tendency to lean on one side. True indeed. I need to get back to my 'bandaas'. It's very important to get my balance to stand still using my beloved head.

I loved being silly a bit with my new found yoga friend, Chona.I also loved chatting with other great women Shasheen and Reggie.I walked out of the shala filled with love and peace.

I continued the silencing at the mall's adoration chapel. Staying there for almost an hour was filled with bliss.Not  minding what lies ahead.Surrendering again.Letting that FORCE rule matters.

After the physical and spiritual exercises, I went straight to my favorite The Coffee Bean and had my tuna pandesal and Choco dip cookie for lunch.I also did some readings for my paper while listening to my ipod.

my tuna pandesal
choco dip cookie
Doing some food shopping followed.I run out of cash so I decided to use my credit card. I wish I had enough until the end of the month.

I already felt very tired and sleepy while I was inside the taxi.It's nice to be home.

At this juncture, I am watching the UAAP Cheerdance Competition.Eight great universities are showcasing their skills in this even.I am rooting for the Ateneo of course but I am loving the performance of the University of the Philippines. It was breathtaking. I am thinking of Jon, my yoga teacher. I know he's very happy now watching his flock.

It's raining still.The week is about to end.I am very glad I find peace in progress. I am loving my energy.

Here's for love. Namaste readers.

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