Monday, February 20, 2012

On happiness


"Nothing can bring the mind continuous happiness, because the mind itself changes constantly. If we know that,we stop clinging & accept change."

Change is inevitable and as life moves on, there occurs the constancy of impermanence in all aspects of life. Emotions rise and fall without us noticing it.Thoughts linger from good to messy. People come and go even. There is always alteration and it is oevrwhelming most often than not.

During one of my contemplative states at home, I just stared at the beauty of the clouds outside my windows. I could see the changing hues from white, to orange then blue and what have you. I could feel the serenity of that instant and wished it were like that forever...but, as I thought of that, i felt suddenly empty and a bit scared about where life would take me.

It was when my mind entertained the thought of my humanity that fear crept in. I feared where I would be tomorrow when I will get older.I worry about  where to get financial security knowing I live alone. I feared even that I would not meet the soul that I long to be with  in this world. I feared about so many things that were really unnecessary after all.It was because I let my mind stick to the notion that this material world challenges me to compete and be at par with others. It was when I let my desires conquer my simplicity that things get complicated. It was when I started to cling to something temporary that I began to wander. It was during this state that I become paralyzed.

And so....I needed to go back to the premise that everything ceases and that there is no use to be scared about life. Growth is indespensable and painful as it is, I need to embrace everything and let go. To cling means to get hurt. Nature is ever flowing.No stopping until it ends.

Happiness is a state of mind and  nothing and no one in this world can give this state to me but me alone. It is only when I stop holding on   and accept change can life open its doors for me.

  Happiness is a gift. I wish everyone this. Be happy!



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