Saturday, April 24, 2010

i have company

she came three days brother and i picked her up at the airport.I was so grateful my brother took the time to join me despite his frenetic schedule.i knew he's so busy hurdling jobs left and right from defending his clients, doing researches,meeting people particularly doing all the tough tasks as a political strategist of a senatorial candidate.he picked me up at starbucks then we drove to NAIA 2.We still had 2 hours before her plane arrived so we ended up talking at pizza hut then driving around taguig area while jamming again to the music we so loved.

she emerged from the airport and it was a great first meeting.she's here now.she's dorothy my 20 year old university student from korea majoring in korean was funny to note that i see a lot of me in her personality.she is very vivacious and warm thus she makes friends easily.she's childish and childlike as well.we like similar stuffs.we love walking,in fact we have our night walks for two days now.she assists me in the house.she cooks simple stuffs when i am having classes.she writes her diary.she watches English programs.she likes to meet people but she also values her privacy.She's also clumsy like me and that is something i find cute. she's here with me and since she has an open ticket, she does not know yet when she'll go back to her country. i bet she'll stay a bit longer.i worry about the weather being too hot for her, but she doesnt complain a bit.she's just a sweetie.since, she was with me online for almost 2 years, i know she already has an idea of the kind of person that i am.

my neighbors are so accomodating too.they take time to make her comfortable.i am so glad.we did simple stuffs together.we go, shop, learn from what we see. talk about our cultures, laugh, goof around and i am still looking forward for more.

i am glad i have company again.i like the thought that i am called a teacher but treated ,like a sister.there is nothing grand with what we have as housemates but my heart is so happy to finally have one of the sweetest students with me.i am blessed for being trusted's great learning more from one of my favorite countries.GO MA WA!

we'll be going places and i am hoping she will have a blast!

Ohh, i almost forgot..the only thing that differs me from her is that I am a camwhore while she's not.she's very shy to face the camera.I really have a hard time taking photos of her.i just hope she'll loosen up a bit soon.

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