Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blessed Tuesday

My previous blog revealed my very lethargic and twisted self.It surfaced an energy that's a bit down.At the end of the day though, I was brought back to where I am supposed to be. MYSELF!

I joined the evening practice at the studio today. My friend Abel was there too.We were waiting for our teacher for some time because she was stuck in  traffic somewhere.I admired the patience of everbody.Each took time to be quiet.The waiting was a chance for me to prepare.I started letting go of the unnecessary burdens in my heart and mind.I began to let loose of my pent up emotions that drag me down.The waiting was long enough for me to focus again to where I am supposed to be..MYSELF!

Teacher Connie arrived telling us that Teacher Nature's still on her way.She had to let Abel and I stay in front so the new students could stay at the back.The practice went well.I just had a hard time with the first balance pose.I guess most of us did. Teacher Connie was encouraging enough that I didnt feel conscious at all.

We did countless VINYASAS but i didnt mind.I felt my good energy was coming back in the middle of the practice.Backbends were good as well as the shoulder stands.Sweat was all over the place.I felt like I swam the whole time.I felt so good.

Teacher Nature assisted the new student.She was at the back observing us too. She closed the practice and told us that we did a good job.I AM VERY GRATEFUL.

After the practice, I had the chance to chat with the other yogins.They were good souls that I couldnt stop thanking them for the great energy they gave me.

I went home and I was still able to teach my students.I am now back.Then I got a message from a friend telling me about my possible interviewee.I was smiling!

The universe has its own way of revealing things.Today, i had so much of those revelations that would change me BIG TIME.My practice today was one of the best.I am forever thankful.

I am off to bed now.Tomorrow's gonna be a great day.I am back and that is really what matters.


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