Sunday, May 8, 2011

On food...simply

If there's one thing that would definitely identify me from the rest of my closest friends, if would be my choice of what to eat.I am not really a voracious eater.My appetite is kind of lame compared to my peers who could eat anything with gusto.Back home then I was the only soul who had slow food intake.I would often envy someone who could consume a lot in an hour.

My choice of food is very basic too.I love simple dishes.I was exposed to a home that often served veggies on the table and so I still love having them now that i am cooking on my own.I love colors on my platter.Mixed veggies appeal to me.Camote tops salad is always a good treat specially when it's raining.I like the taste of salad in any form and style.I just dont like to have so much dressing on it.I love to taste the freshness of everything.Of course fruits are indespensable in my diet.
Kimchi Fried Rice

I am not a meat person ever since.I love chicken of course but i have stopped eating them early last year.Having seafood on my diet is still  important.In time, I guess I will also be giving up on this. There is no special reason for this.I just want these creatures to enjoy living.(:)

I love korean dishes too.Kimchi for me is a good appetizer.I am a big fan of GIM BOP (rice rolls).I love having kimchi fried rice in the morning.I am not a soup person but lately i have to have it since my doctor told me i need to take something hot specially in the morning.

Korean Style Sushi Roll


Coffee is not my thing.I had some cups before but i got stomach problems after.I love having green tea. Bread and pastries are closest to my heart.I have a sweet tooth.Chocolates and cakes are my life savers.I can still go for pasta.Meatless of course.

Green tea, Tuna sandwich at The Cofee Bean
I am not a good eater perhaps.I dont go for stuffy food.I like it simple.I admire of course the intricacies of cooking but because I am a busy person, I only have time for simple but healthy options.I can eat an apple or banana for a meal.I guess that's fine with me.

Anyway, why did I spend a page talking blah blahs about food?I guess there's no particular reason for this actually.It's just that earlier today my cousin served me SPAM for breakfast and i ate it.Then I felt i have indulged.Then i was thinking....Man, this isnt my stuff anymore.

You are what you eat is an old adage.I believe this is true.I am what i am eating.I only like simple stuff simply because I am a less complicated individual in the bigger scheme of things.

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