Monday, May 2, 2011

Random thoughts

As of my writing this, I still havent any confirmation from my interviewees.There is a feeling of restlessness in me and i guess it would lead to impatience.I try to console myself by saying "C'mon one's pressuring you in here." I just cant get people do things according to my time.After all, my women are busy bound call center dolls.

I am a bit lethargic too in a way that I want to linger in bed the whole time.I dont know if it's because of the heat or simply because my mind is a bit twisted lately.A lot of images and thoughts are getting in the way and they are threatening my peace.Just the same, life has to go on each day and I'm making all possible effort i can not to allow myself to be overwhelmed by all these temporal mindset.

There is a strain that pulls me away from the reality at the moment.Some truths are harder to accept than i thought.All I want is just to really let things pass and then perhaps at the end of the day, I am up and about again. Yoga practice helps let go.Om.

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