Thursday, May 26, 2011

So it's Scotty this time!


This young man is humble enough that he earned the respect of America and I guess the whole world as well.I love his voice.It's not actually outstanding but he has that unique tone that makes him a stand out in the competition.I thought at first he would just situate himself singing laidback country music but he could actually do other genre too.He has that charming feature in him that is a plus factor.

This season has been blessed with great contenders.I got my favorite in the person of Paul McDonald.I honestly believe he would not be crowned as the IDOL but he is of course so awesome.Very unique! Between Scotty and Lauren though, I am rooting for the male.I guess it's because I can clearly identify the uniqueness of his voice.

It was not an impressive result for me however.I was hoping it would be Casey or James.Anyway, America has spoken.Scotty McCreery is the MAN. He may be young but I can honestly see that he would make it BIG in the music industry.Cool headed as he is...that's a trait of an IDOL I would say.

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