Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's a moon day

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I was supposed to practice yoga with my new friend Ginger at the studio today when she sent me a message telling me it's a moon day and there's got to be no usual practice this time.Oh yeah! So i readily had to search on moon days and yoga practices.

I remember I had attended two yoga classes on moon days before and my teachers really DID emphasize that it's not really advisable to practice during these days as nature is way so strong.No wonder my gurus had to make some modifications of the poses during those sessions.It is believed in Ashtanga yoga that  moon days are dangerous  and to practice on these days increases the risk of injury.

I am feeling so lethargic that I ended up just staying in bed most of the time.I tend to get easily annoyed and my mind is a  bit crowded.Nothing seems to be right.My reflexes are way too slow and my concentration is so imperfect.I understand it is also a time to be creative in a way but not for me.I am way too clumsy to even lift a spoon this time.

I am taught in yoga and in my spiritual readings that there is a need for me to be gentle with my body on these days.I need to understand that every month, there will always be low moments.Erratic changes of emotions are seemingly incomprehensible but just the same, it pays to be gentle to oneself.

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