Monday, October 10, 2011

Checking in

I was my bad self again few days ago and it has caused tremendous impact on my family.I felt hopeless knowing everyone seemed to be my enemy. This heart only wanted to talk to them about issues that could have healed me and everyone but I ended up causing havoc. I was hurt yes, but I have hurt them more. There was hatered. I dislike everything that happened but  my unhealed wound seeks healing. My inner child has been wounded a long time ago and it has been calling me to confront my family specially my mom.I guess it's useless.My family is a stubborn one.I can only pray. A part of me is desperate to talk to them but i know they wouldnt really understand. There is only that saving grace. I hope I have been forgiven.I hope have forgiven too.

Life goes on with me here. Alone doing my stuff. I love the gift of joy despite the trials. No one can take this away from me. This soul has peace within and no one can disturb it. I maybe wanting healing but each day brings me closer to that. I have still reasons to smile. IN fact i've got many.

It's a moonday soon. I know why I am affected.

Sleep well.Namaste!

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